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How to Design a Luxury Steam Room for Your Spa

A luxury steam room can be the key to your spa’s growth. The right steam shower will complement the rest of your facility and greatly enhance the customer experience at your venue. However, the success of your spa’s steam room will depend on the specific designs and accessories you choose.  

To find out how to design a luxury steam room, you must first choose between heavy-duty commercial and day spa systems. 

Commercial Systems vs. Day Spa Systems 

The two main types of steam room systems include heavy-duty commercial and day spa systems. Knowing their differences is essential when deciding on which to incorporate into your building’s design. 

Day Spa Steam Room Systems 

Day Spa systems are best for small steam rooms of 675 cubic feet or smaller, with no more than two people using them at once. They can only run about six hours per day.  

Commercial Steam Room Systems 

Commercial steam rooms are suitable for larger businesses, including resorts, hotels, health clubs, and spas. These systems are designed to handle round-the-clock usage, keeping them fully functional and long-lasting regardless of how long your customers use them.  

5 Steps to Design a Luxury Steam Room 

Want to learn more about how to design a luxury steam room? The following steps will take you through the process.


1. Measure the dimensions of your ideal steam shower space

The first step to designing a luxury steam room is to measure the space’s dimensions. You must know the height, width, and length required to accommodate your steam room. To know how many cubic feet you need, multiply the height, width, and length together.

2. Choose between commercial and day spa systems

The next step of the design process involves selecting the correct type of steam room design. As discussed, you can choose a commercial or day spa system based on your facility’s specific needs. 

The type of design you choose will depend on your space’s requirements.  

For example, do you need a steam bath that can run for longer than six hours a day? 

If so, then a commercial spa system will be best.  

On the other hand, if you only need to accommodate a couple of people for a few hours a day, a day spa system is more suitable. 

3. Determine the ideal generator model

Once you’ve decided which steam room design is suitable for your facility, the next step is to pick the best generator for your spa. Commercial and day spa systems each come with different models. 

If you would like a commercial day spa system model for your venue, use Mr. Steam’s commercial steam shower calculator, which is halfway down this page. Enter the dimensions of the ideal shower space, including the height, length, and width. We’ll then match you with the right generator model. 

To figure out which day spa system generator is ideal, reference the below chart of generator models ordered by room volume (cubic feet). 

  • 0 to 107 cu. Ft. – Model No. CT6EC1-I3BK 
  • 108 to 257 cu. Ft. – Model No. CT9EC1-I3BK 
  • 258 to 411 cu. Ft. – Model No. CT12EC1-I3BK 
  • 412 to 482 cu. Ft. – Model No. CT15EC1-I3BK 

 Alternatively, you can ask your local Mr. Steam dealer what best fits your business’ needs.

generator steam

4. Download technical specifications

Time to get down and dirty with the specifics. 

How far away should the generator be located from the steam room?  

What are the installation requirements? 

How often will maintenance be required? 

These and other questions are covered by the Mr. Steam’s comprehensive list of technical specifications.  

These guides will prove invaluable not just in the planning stages but during the installation process for your steam room. 

5. Enhance the steam room experience with SteamTherapies

To give your customers the best experience using your steam room, Mr. Steam offers different types of SteamTherapies. Each uses various elements to appeal to customers’ senses, effectively transforming your steam room into a multi-sensory experience. 

Our SteamTherapies include: 

  • AromaTherapy — The AromaSteam System infuses various fragrances to create a therapeutic experience through scent. These fragrances include lavender, mint, and eucalyptus that an injector pump atomizes and infuses into the steam room. 
  • MusicTherapy — Our MusicTherapy system uses music, the sounds of nature, and meditations to form a unique audial experience that combines the steam room experience with sound. It does so using a reliable vapor-sealed sound system. 
  • ChromaTherapy — The ChromaTherapy system from Mr. Steam affects people’s moods through therapeutic lighting. Customers can use various lighting settings to improve their mood in different ways. For instance, green lighting imbues a sense of harmony, while blue helps people relax. 

Luxury You Can Afford 

Regardless of the size of your business and your needs regarding spa systems, Mr. Steam is here to provide you with an affordable and dependable solution. We can help you design the perfect spa system, whether you’re in the market for a commercial or day spa system. Our experts can guide you through the selection process and ensure you find the right products. 

All you need to do is let us know the dimensions of your shower space and choose the model and SteamTherapies that are right for your business. You’ll benefit from a system that’s built to last and leave your customers impressed. 

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