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Hear the Benefits of Steam with AudioWizard™

Open Your Ears and Hear the Benefits of Steam with AudioWizardAdmit it. You’ve probably enjoyed singing a song or two in the shower at some point in your life. There’s something about being enclosed in the space of your shower at home that makes you want to belt out your favorite tunes. Combine music and the benefits of steam and you are sure to reach new levels of enjoyment and relaxation.

Meet the Newly Redesigned AudioWizard from Mr.Steam

At Mr.Steam, we’re only increasing that temptation to sing in the shower with the sleek, newly redesigned AudioWizard™ that is unrivaled in its ability to play high quality music in your shower or steam room. The simple, yet elegant, stainless steel enclosure with built-in amplifier is smaller than a shoebox, yet boasts exceptional sound quality.

AudioWizard can also function as a whole-house music system which can access your Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device music library when the unit is within range. A built-in AUX connection allows users to quickly and easily link AudioWizard to CD players, sub-woofers, stereo systems and other devices.

“If your world revolves around music, today’s in-shower sound systems can’t match the high-quality sound and beautiful design of AudioWizard,” says Martha Orellana, vice president of sales and marketing for Mr.Steam.

How To Install AudioWizard

As a music system for showers (with or without steam), AudioWizard is easy for professionals to install, connecting with plug-and-play simplicity to up to four speakers. The moisture-resistant AudioWizard control can be used in the shower for music management and audio adjustment, including play/pause, last track, next track, mute and volume functionality.

AudioWizard pairs with up to eight devices with the touch of a button, enabling users to wirelessly access their entire music library through the AudioWizard high-quality sound system whenever a paired smartphone or tablet is in range. It can also be paired with iSteam 2.0.

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>> Download the AudioWizard 2.0 Installation & Operation Manual

For more information check out this 2:41 minute video titled "AudioWizard Operating Instructions."  

From Sound to Full Sensory SteamTherapy Experience 

Perhaps the AudioWizard’s greatest asset is how perfectly it fits into your steambath benefits package overall. You may already know about the many health benefits of steam, like its ability to reinvigorate your muscles and rejuvenate your skin. Aside from appealing to your sense of touch, it can enhance your sense of smell with AromaSteam and improve your mood through light with ChromaSteam. The AudioWizard adds sound to create a complete SteamTherapy experience

So now, imagine that you are taking a steam shower. The steamy heat soothes your tired body as you are enveloped by the scent of lavender. Meanwhile, you enjoy a relaxing light display from the ChromaSteam system while the AudioWizard plays your favorite song. It’s a treat for your senses—perhaps one of the closest feelings to heaven on earth.

MrSteam: AudioWizard Sound from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

Are you ready to hear all of your favorite music in your steam shower now?

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