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Fight the Blues with the Color Blue, and Steam of Course

What's the color of relaxation for you?

For a lot of us, our relaxation color is blue!

Whether that’s true for you or not, it’s clear that color affects us all. If you believe the science that says color has a profound effect on our emotions and intellect, or believe in a deeper spiritual meaning of colors, it’s clear that incorporating color into your life can increase your level of relaxation.

So, this month, let’s relax and kick back with blue!

On the cooler end of the color spectrum where things slow down, blue helps to soothe and calm. Blue tones encourage you to take time to be still, to regroup your thoughts after a hectic day, demanding meeting, unplanned visit with your mother-in-law, or a brief encounter with a perky, yet persistent, telemarketer. And, despite the pun, surrounding yourself with blue is the perfect antidote to shedding your "blues."

You can easily capture the impact and power of color into your daily ritual through ChromaTherapy. By integrating light with steam, ChromaTherapy suffuses the rich warmth of the steam shower with a powerful spectrum of colors that range from celestial blue to sensual red.

So, this month, let’s relax and kick back with blue and steam!

Mental and Physical Health Go Hand-in-hand

Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand; if you neglect one, both suffer.

Let’s use stress as an example. Chronic stress, be it from work, school, or family, can put you at risk for mood disorders and other mental issues. It can also affect how your mind functions. Memory problems, feelings of anxiety or fear, and mood disorders are just a few consequences. 

Over time, your body's response to stress will weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable to disease. In fact, high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can lead to a variety of ailments, including osteoporosis, hormone imbalances, heart disease, and diabetes. You may also experience exhaustion, weight fluctuation, and digestive issues among other health complications.

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Stress Reduction

Yes, a blue hue can help unclutter your busy mind and tense nerves. What's better is that regaining a calmer, clearer mindset can lead to improved mental and physical wellness. So how can we incorporate the self-care we deserve into our daily lives? 

Mental and Physical Health Go Hand-in-hand

To reach that celestial state, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Surround yourself with the color blue: Fight the blues, with blue. It sounds silly, but the color blue can psychologically evoke the feelings that it represents: calmness, serenity, and peace. Try throwing on a pair of blue jeans, painting your room blue, or using blue ChromaSteam as a form of color therapy.
  • Listen to the music: The Doobie Brothers may have said it best: "Listen to the Music." A good lyric is known to soothe anxiety and improve your mood. It also reduces the amount of cortisol in your body. Next time you’re in the shower, turn up the tunes and turn down the stress.
  • Exercise (and stick with it!): Exercising reduces anxiety and promotes tranquility. You will also feel better about yourself, while staying healthy.  

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  • Meditate: Take a step back from your world each day. Meditation has been proven to reduce activity in the brain's center, allowing you to thoroughly unplug and recharge the batteries.
  • Hit the shower: Unwinding with a steam shower will soothe your muscles and help melt away tense nerves and stress induced headaches. 
  • Have a beach day: For ages, the ocean (yes, it's blue too) has been linked to calmness and clarity (plus, who is ever stressed at the beach?). 

So, take a few minutes for you, bring blue into your day, and steam your blues away!

What would you add to these ideas for fighting the blues with steam and the color blue?

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