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Feeling Good is Just a Touch Away with AirTempo Steam Shower Control

For nearly a century, MrSteam has been revolutionizing the steam bath industry with a range of innovative products that aim to maximize the health and wellness benefits of steam. One of the latest and most user-friendly of these introductions is the AirTempo wireless steam shower control, which completely eliminates the need to physically wire the control to the generator.

“With AirTempo, our goal was to design a wall-mounted unit that would allow greater freedom for locating the control,” explains Michael Pinkus, president of MrSteam. “AirTempo is a wireless control that retains all the functionality of our previous systems without a cable that might restrict the placement of the control.”

Powered by long-lasting lithium batteries, the AirTempo Control communicates wirelessly with the steam bath generator, eliminating the time, hassle and expense of making manual connections. Installation is largely a matter of deciding where to locate the AirTempo, which mounts in seconds with no tools required.

“Using two coin cell batteries, we created a control that operates for at least six months when used daily for twenty minutes,” adds Pinkus.

AirTempo Steam Shower Controls With Surface or Flush Mount Options

The AirTempo was designed as an easy transition for those seeking to upgrade from older steam shower controls, as steam bathers need not open the walls to install the new control. “The dock is attached to the wall, and the control clips in. It’s that simple,” says David Farrage, the world-renowned industrial designer, whose resume also includes work with Movado and Lamborghini. “Furthermore, only the control is visible because the dock fits in completely behind it.”

>> Watch this video: How to Install AirTempo Surface Mount Shower Control from MrSteam

In addition to the surface-mount option, the AirTempo is also available as a flush mount installation. Once again, to simplify user's transition to the AirTempo, the cutout for the flush mount installation was purposefully made larger than that of older controls. “Doing this ensures that, when upgrading to the AirTempo, there are no unattractive adaptor plates needed to cover any gaps,” explains Farrage.

Installing the AirTempo flush mount consists of the following simple steps:

  1. Use the template provided to make a cutout in the shower wall for the control to fit inside.
  2. Fit and secure the custom designed box insert into the cutout to create a watertight seal.
  3. Fit the electronic panel, together with the jacket or metal faceplate into the flush mount box.

When the battery needs recharging on the flush mount version, the panel can be popped out for easy access to the reverse side, according to Farrage, who adds that the panel is 100 percent waterproof. “The battery cover features molded rubber seals and a quarter turn lock that ensures no water gets in,” he says.

>> Watch this video: How to Install AirTempo Flush Mount Shower Control from MrSteam

AirTempo, an Award-Winning Steam Shower Control Solution

To date, the AirTempo has been awarded two prestigious honors: A special mention in the 2016 A+ Awards and a Platinum award in the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) competition, sponsored by Design Journal magazine.

“Here at MrSteam, we’re always looking to design intuitive controls that make it easy to manage and to enjoy your steam room, including temperature, duration, personal settings, aroma and chroma light therapies,” explains Pinkus. “AirTempo’s effortless installation makes it easy to upgrade to the convenience of wireless control. Feeling good is just a touch away.”

Listen as Michael Pinkus and David Farrage discuss the AirTempo control in this 2:35 minute video:

AirTempo Wireless Control - It had to be done from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

Are you ready to start feeling good with the AirTempo steam shower control? As Pinkus says,

"Feeling good is just a touch away." 

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