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Hagan Flynn Design Center Sells Steam Benefits, Experiences Tuscan Thermal Spa

In romantic Tuscany, there lies a special thermal spa where visitors can indulge in the pleasures of steam. The Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort resides in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, amid world-renowned wine and cuisine along the Mediterranean coast. For a dedicated seller of steam, it's the destination of a lifetime to experience firsthand the history of steambathing.

Hagan Flynn Design Center Owner Wins 2016 Grand Passport Prize

Valerie Hagan, showroom co-owner at Hagan Flynn Inc. Design Center in West Hollywood, is packing her bags to be whisked off to Tuscany to enjoy this thermal spa resort and its steamy luxury.

How, you ask? Valerie was MrSteam‘s 2016 winner of the “Passport to Tuscany” showroom program. Her outstanding sales for the year and dedication to MrSteam have earned her this trip of a lifetime!

Partnering with MrSteam

Valerie has been specifying MrSteam products since she opened her own business in 1997, a decision solidified years ago after developing valuable connections with the MrSteam customer service team.

“In our industry there are so many options out there; the one thing you have to rely on is your customer service and vendor relationships,” she said. “Those people become your partners. MrSteam has always been a partner to me.”

“The MrSteam sales staff are all very knowledgeable. You call with a problem and you get instant results,” Hagan explained. “The company is small enough to have the ‘ma and pa’ feel, and they care deeply about their showroom partners.”

Hagan Flynn Design Center Sells Steam Benefits, Experiences Tuscan Thermal Spa

Firsthand experience with steam benefits

Valerie’s relationship with steam itself predates her showroom career, having relied upon steam to help her daughter cope with asthma.

“When my daughter would have an asthma attack, I would have her sit in steam and it would help ease her breathing,” she shared. “It’s great for our bodies and our skin. Steam is an easy sell, to be honest -- 75% of the people that visit our showroom are open to getting a steam generator in their master shower. Most people like steam in general once they learn all of the great benefits.”

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Valerie said that she doesn’t have to try very hard to convince clients to incorporate steam in their homes. She continues to share her own experiences, and as a result, the steam benefits end up selling themselves.

Tailoring a steam shower experience to a household's needs

“Advising customers is my favorite part of the job,” she says. “I do repeat business with many of the same designers throughout the year, and over time, we’ve become friends. It’s a pleasure to work and serve our clients together.”

Valerie does a fantastic job of educating her clients about the benefits of steam. She begins every conversation by walking them through the various wellness and package options to ensure they tailor their steam shower experience to their household’s needs. When it comes to choosing the different elements of a steam shower, Valerie explains that it’s all about personalization.

“People like electronics, so having tech features in their bathroom is very desirable,” she says. “Our customers really like the features of the iButler package. They also really love ChromaTherapy and AromaTherapy. It’s all about the customer and the experience they’re looking for.”

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Fulfilling people's dreams leads Valerie Hagan to experiencing a Tuscan thermal spa 

As for Valerie’s favorite part of her job?

“I just love creating beautiful homes every day and fulfilling people’s dreams.”

After all of her hard work throughout 2016, we’re thrilled that such a valued partner of MrSteam  will be able to relax on a luxurious trip to Tuscany! Although Valerie has visited Italy in the past, she’s never explored this part of the country and can’t wait to brush up on her Italian.

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