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Commercial Steam Systems: A Spa Owners’ Questions Answered

As MrSteam's Engineering Manager, Peter Titolo is the man with the right answers at his fingertips regarding the commercial uses of MrSteam equipment. He recently spoke with the owner of a day spa, and we thought what he had to say might help others who have the same questions – but haven't yet had the opportunity to ask him directly! So, we've recreated the conversation in an easy-to-read format below.

How do I know which MrSteam commercial steam system suits my location? 

The best commercial steam system for your location depends on the number of people who use it and the size of your room. Let's say you have a 350 cu. ft space and want two people using it at once. Then, you can benefit from the MrSteam CT day spa unit

Unlike the CU units for large, heavily used rooms, the CT day spa units are geared toward a more intimate experience where only one or two people would use the steam room at a time. 

Note that with this equipment, you should not run the steam room for more than six hours a day. Three hundred and fifty cubic feet is well within the maximum size limit for a CT unit, which, when we take construction materials into account, shouldn't exceed 675 cubic feet. 

How do I determine which steam generator to use? 

The type of steam generator depends on the size of your spa room and the materials you plan to use for it.  After selecting the materials, use a simple formula: basic room volume + construction materials = total adjusted volume. Then, you can use this number to choose the right generator. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Measure the room to calculate the basic room volume. The formula is length x height x width to arrive at the cubic volume. 
  • Then, you need to adjust that size to compensate for your needed materials. For ceramic, porcelain, or glass tile, you'll want to add 40% to the basic room volume; for natural stone, marble, glass block, or concrete 115%; and for fiberglass and/or acrylic, deduct 15%. 
  • Finally, consider the room height. If it's between 8-9 feet, add 15%; between 9-10 feet, 30%. 

Look at the chart below to determine which generator size is perfect for your steam room.  Note that the correct size generator is essential. Too small, and the generator will need to work overtime to fill the room with steam. Too large, and you'll be wasting power unnecessarily. 

Where do I locate the generator? 

The best place for your steam generator should be within 60 feet of the steam room, in a temperature-controlled space, where spa users can't access it. We also suggest leaving around 12 inches of space to the unit's top, right, and left to facilitate servicing. 

What equipment will I need in addition to the generator? 

In addition to the generator, you may need an in-shower control, an Aroma Designer steamhead, a temperature probe, a CT Steamstop button, a condensation pan, and a CT AutoFlush. For your convenience, MrSteam packs all of these with the steam generator. 

Can I use the same steam generator for more than one room? 

No, every steam room will need a dedicated CT generator and control system. 

How much water does a steam room use? 

A 15-minute steam shower consumes just 2 gallons of water compared to the 50 gallons required for a 20-minute traditional shower. 

For the most part, water straight from the tap is perfectly fine. However, if you live in an area with hard water, you should invest in a water softener to improve the longevity of your steam generator. Our Installation, Operating, and Maintenance manual includes water quality guidelines, so do check those out. 

Are there any specific plumbing requirements? 

Yes,  here they are: 

  • Use a ½-inch brass pipe or copper tubing from the unit to the steam head 
  • Insulate the steam line with fiberglass pipe insulation or something similar – rated for 212° F or higher. 
  • Pitch the steam line 1/4" per foot toward the steam head or steam generator to avoid valleys and trapping of condensate. 
  • Don't install any valve in the steam line which might obstruct the flow of steam. 

Do you recommend any steam shower add-ons? 

To maximize the steam room experience, we recommend using the versatile iTempot Plus control that allows you to connect AromaSteam and ChromaTherapy systems. 

Who can I turn to if I have other steam room questions? 

We're here for you! Call MrSteam at 1-800-76-STEAM or contact us online. In addition to loads of resources and more information about everything we've discussed, we also have a chat function right here on the website. 

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