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Boomers, Want Better Health and Beauty? Try the Benefits of Steam!

Mitzi Beach explains how benefits of steam helps boomer health and beauty

Are you a boomer wondering how to become even more healthy and beautiful? If yes, you'll want to explore the benefits of steam and immerse yourself in steam therapy. Rather than take our word for it, read what Mitzi BeachLifestyle Design Expert and Interior Design for Baby Boomers, has to say. 

Mitzi Beach, an interior designer with over 30 years experience, is the author of “Boomer Smarts – Boomer Power”. Her passion is aging better in America, a topic she also speaks about nationally, most recently at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta. She has a masters degree in interior design and is one of America’s top experts on Boomer Smarts interior design and chic products for universal design. She has approved IDCEC courses online and was named a member of the prestigious Style Spotter group by High Point Market.

We got to know Mitzi during the KBIS Vegas BlogTour 2015 and can't imagine a better qualified expert on boomer health, beauty and steam. Here is Mitzi's article.

Want Better Health & Beauty? Steam, Baby Boomers, Steam!


As a baby boomer trying to navigate this whole aging journey, I am into steam these days, big time. Steam cooking is a go-to for me, and now I am excited to learn and share the awesome benefits of having a steam shower.

But first, let’s talk about this boomer demographic - called the Silver Tsunami - currently taking America “by storm”. There are 78 million Americans in the demographic cohort born between 1946 and 1964. Research from AARP, the National Home Builder’s Association (NAHB) and others tell us that 75 percent or more of us want to stay in our homes as we age. More than 10,000 Americans turn 50 daily and 12,500 enter the Medicare system daily. By 2025, 71 million Americans will be more than 75 years old.

So it only stands to reason that we want to take care of ourselves. Incorporating products such as steam showers can help boomers to achieve a healthier lifestyle while feeling and looking our best.

I want to help break this glass ceiling on aging in America. Do we think Helen Mirren is elderly at 69?  She was recently selected as the international model for L’Oreal Paris.  Boomers are now realizing we still can still be our sexy, sassy selves, and are willing to pay for treatments that help us stay that way.

Boomers enjoying Benefits of Steam!

Here is why this particular baby boomer really wants a steam shower:

Better Boomer Health With Steam

  • Improved immunity to sickness and disease around us. Many germs are airborne. When we breathe, we take in all that the surrounding air, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Parched, dried out nasal passageways are unhealthy. Our bodies need to have moistened airways that function as our bodies’ critically important defense system.
  • Steam showers help promote sinus drainage, soothe a sore throat and act as a natural expectorant. 
  • And here’s a Boomer Alert:  Steam for all those muscles and joint pains. Whether those aches were caused by a sports injury, arthritis, or simply too much gardening, the soothing effects of steam showers will be our new BFF!  (See How To Make Your Workouts Leverage The Benefits Of Steam.)
  • Taking a steam shower relieves stress. Stress is now considered a major cause of many diseases besides the known heart disease or stress related headaches. I know that for this Boomer, I am in constant need of combating life stresses.

Boomers, Want Better Health and Beauty? Try the Benefits of Steam!Better Boomer Beauty With Steam Therapy

I have always believed that our outer physical persona reflects our lifestyle choices like a billboard. That may be a “yikes!” to some people. So what could our billboards look like if we actually took better care of ourselves? What can steam in particular do to help us achieve a more beautiful appearance?

The list of beauty benefits of steam is very long, as it combats the negative effects of aging on our skin. I have never had a professional facial that did not start with steam prep first for: 

  1.      Opening those clogged pores
  2.      Softening skin, thereby enabling skin to absorb products
  3.      Reduction in dry or flakey skin
  4.      Healthier glowing skin
  5.      Preparing skin follicles for easier waxing

I think the question that begs to be asked after considering these Boomer benefits to our health AND beauty is:

Why Would We Not Want a Steam Shower?

I truly believe that a steam shower will be part of our normal bathroom or home spa experience in the very near future. So for my clients, I always highlight just what I wrote in this article on implementing steam showers because, like the commercial used to say, “we are worth it!”


Thank you, Mitzi.

If you'd like to learn more about Mitzi Beach, follow her on:

Are you ready to try the benefits of steam and embrace steam therapy? Let us know in the comments.

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