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Steam Showers Heat Up Bathroom Design Trends

Today's bathroom designs are trending more contemporary with spa-like features such as steam showers and heated floors, according to new research from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

NKBA recently announced the results of their 2014 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Survey at their recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show for design and construction professionals. 

Let's go into more detail.

What's with contemporary bathrooms?

Says the release, "The ascendancy of contemporary style is a major shift in the NKBA 2014 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Survey.  As recently as a few years ago, traditional styling represented three-quarters of the bathrooms designed by NKBA members. Traditional bathrooms are now trailing contemporary (68 percent), while still representing 62 percent of the bathroom projects completed by NKBA bathroom designers in 2013."  

Contemporary goes hand-in-hand with spa-like bathrooms and relaxation retreats. (See How to Feel Good: Yoga, Steam Therapy and Living Well for more about relaxation.)

  • Spa bathrooms and Zen-like retreats are definitely desired aspects of today’s bathrooms, driving a more contemporary aesthetic,” said John Petrie, CMKBD, of Mother Hubbard's Custom Cabinetry in Mechanicsburg, Pa., and 2014 NKBA President. 

  • The outlook for 2014 bathrooms is simple style, with an emphasis on clean lines and functionality that provides accessibility and easy maintenance,” said Maria Stapperfenne, CKD, CBD, of Tewksbury Kitchen & Bath in Whitehouse Station, N.J.  and 2014 NKBA President-elect.

Other Bathroom Design Trends...

Universal design and accessibility are growing in importance for bathrooms. 60% of designers expect to do more than they did in 2013. That goes hand-in-hand with specifying comfort height toilets (84%) and vanities (81%).

From a spa-like perspective, the following come up in the NKBA Design Trends Survey:

  • No-threshold showers. 70% of designers expect to do more in 2014.

  • A master bathroom soaking tub. Fully 64 percent of NKBA designers specified a soaking tub (preferably free-standing non-jetted) in a master bath, with 42 percent expecting that trend to accelerate in 2014. (For free-standing tub ideas, see Master Bathroom Design Ideas: Free Standing Tubs and Towel Warmers.)

  • Shower lighting. About a third of designers included lighting in showers

  • Shower benches or seats. 70 percent included benches or seats. Both are expected to increase in 2014.

  • Heated floors. Electric radiant floor heating was specified by 55 percent of respondents and half see it increasing in 2014.

  • Steam showers. Twice as many respondents specifying steam showers as whirlpools for master baths in 2013.  Forty-four percent of respondents see the demand for steam showers increasing in 2014.

From a bathroom design color and fixture perspective, here's the low-down:

  • Beige and bone color schemes, with white fixtures and polished chrome faucets were popular designs in 2013.  

  • Gray, the third most popular color scheme in 2013, will be by far the fastest growing in 2014, according to 58 percent of designer respondents.

Some of the bathroom features you may want to include:

  • Ceramic or porcelain tile for your floors 

  • Quartz for vanity tops

  • Linen storage cabinets

  • Undermount sinks

  • Wall-hung floating vanities, console tables and open shelving

420 designers participated in the 2014 National Kitchen and Bath Association Design Trends Survey. These design professionals focus on professionally designed and installed bathrooms in the U.S. and Canada. They report of the state of kitchen and bath projects, which products, finishes, and features were used in 2013 and what they anticipate for 2014.

So what does all this mean for bathrooms and steam?

If you are wishing for a spa-like bathroom retreat, complete with a steam shower, you are absolutely on trend for bathroom design! Add to that a towel warmer, and you'll be in zen-retreat nirvana!

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