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Feeling Down? Try Mr.Steam Chakras and Aromatherapy for Sensual Bliss

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Have you ever considered how aromatherapy might spice your life and uplift your senses? Decor Girl Lisa M. Smith has. She describes it in Does Your Sex Life Need An Upgrade? Inhale With Mr. Steam.

Remember back to Steam + Health + KBTribeChat Make for Memorable Dwell on Design 2013? That's when Martha Orellana - aka Mrs. Steam - discussed not just home steam showers, but also aromatherapy, chakras and chakra oils... Lisa was listening and became inspired.

The result is her article - a playful romp through steam, chakras and sensual bliss with Mr.Steam. Perfect if you're feeling down and in need of something uplifting.

What are chakras?

Decor Girl explains,

"Chakras are center points of of spiritual and emotional powers within one’s body.  There are seven chakras of which the 2nd chakra is the one in charge of SEX.  Any guesses where it is located?  The hot spot of course.

The 2nd chakra is associated with confidence, enthusiasm, passion and sexuality. Certain scents have been shown to open up and ignite this area of your body. With the help of Mr. Steam, inhale and upgrade your sex life."

In What Are The Seven Chakras and Their Meanings (which Lisa refers to in the section above), YouHealth explains that the 2nd chakra is "Svadhisthana. It translates as 'one’s own abode or place of dwelling' and is depicted with six petals that radiate the color orange. The second chakra sits below the navel near the pubis area. It is associated with the skin, the reproductive organs, the kidneys, the bladder, and the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Water is the element of the second chakra, and water is the essence of life. This chakra is linked with our emotions, fears, anxieties, and our sexuality."

Mr.Steam Chakra Oils

How does this relate to Mr.Steam? Well, Mr.Steam offers specially formulated essential oils extracted from organic flowers and plants specifically to relax and revitalize the body. There's nothing more therapeutic than aromatherapy, warmth, steam and chakra oils!

SwadhisthanaHere's what The healing and creative power of aromatherapy on MrSteam.com says about chakra oils. 

Each Mr. Steam Chakra oil offers a unique fragrance with characteristic benefits:

  • Feeling a bit sluggish? The essence of Red Vitality may help you feel invigorated.
  • Are you feeling inhibited? Introduce Mr.Steam's Energy Orange essence into the steambath for a motivating experience that may help lessen sexual inhibitions.
  • Having difficulty staying focused? Introduce the Yellow Awakening essence into the steam room, which may help improve memory and concentrations.
  • Feeling stressed out? Infusing the steam with Mr.Steam's Green Harmony essence may help to reduce stress and restore a sense of balance.
  • Feeling nervous about a presentation? Celestial Blue Boost self-expression, creativity, inner peace, loyalty and truth
  • Having a creative block? Bringing in the Mystic Indigo essence may help enhance your creative intuition.
  • Looking for a way to unwind? Introducing the Violet Nirvana essence may help calm your agitated nerves.

What about aromatherapy?

Here's how Decor Girl explains aromatherapy,

"When you inhale, tiny molecules land in the limbic system of your brain, a.k.a. the command & control center of emotions and sexual arousal.  This is nothing new, Plato discovered the connection of aromatherapy over 2,000 years ago and it has since been proven to work.  In France it is part of mainstream medicineInhale your way to a great life and inhale your way to a better sex life." In other words, sensual bliss!"

Coincidentally, the New York Times published the story Scent and the City which discusses the healing powers of scent. It lists the following examples based on research:

  • If you expose Alzheimer’s patients in the morning to rosemary + lemon and in the evening to lavender + orange, they will demonstrate "improved cognitive functions".

  • The smell of lavender leads postoperative patients to report "a higher satisfaction rate with pain control."

  • Massages with aromatic oils led cancer patients to experience "a significant improvement in anxiety and depression."

The long and the short of aromas and scent: "Scent has a direct link to the brain, acting on the limbic system, triggering the release of endorphins. Smell is the most primal of our senses."

Powerful stuff!

The New York Times article focuses more on urban planning possibilities rather than sensual ones. Nonetheless, imagine the possibilities for relaxation, steamtherapy and sensual bliss...

Primal senses, ancient tools for health, points of life force in the body. Why not be in touch with the body and offer it the scents it craves? Not to mention the means for steam therapeutic renewal...

Chromatherapy, too?

Oh, and don't forget color!

That's right. Color, too, plays a role in steamtherapy. Will at Bright Bazaar in Three Ways to Colourful Steam Shower Therapy demonstrates how color is similarly restorative and relaxing.

Whether you feel down or simply in need of sensual renewal, why not immerse your chakras and your body in steam powered therapy with aromas and color, too!

Chakra image credit: Svadhisthana Chakra: Hello Sweetness

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