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Rush or Relax? Why a Steam Shower Experience Can Be a Good Idea

Mr Steam Rush or Relax Steam ShowerSet in the melee of Grand Central Station, MrSteam's funny new video reminds us of the need for a regular grown-up timeout. In Rush or Relax?, a harried commuter opts out of her pressure cooker for a far better steam shower experience.  

In fact, a growing body of reserach substantiates the fact that multi-tasking is ultimately unproductive and that we accomplish far more with a good balance of work and relaxation.

Noted Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph. D, in his book The Pursuit of Perfect talks about the need for regular intervals of recovery to improve both mental and physical performance and mood. "We get our best ideas and are most creative when we introduce space into our tight schedules," he writes. 

A 10- or 20-minute steam shower, whether at home or at a gym or spa, is one way to do that. The weight of one’s responsibilities seems to disappear under the luxurious veil of steam.

Steam spas are known to relieve stress and promote relaxation, fostering a sense of well-being. Additional benefits of steam include encouraging a deep, restful sleep with increased lengths of REM cycles. With the addition of music, stress can further be managed. Combining steam and chromatherapy can enhance mood elevation. Pairing steam and aromatherapy can further relieve tension especially with a scent like lavendar. 

Rush or Relax?” demonstrates the value associated with escaping to an in-home steam shower for a few therapeutic moments of total relaxation. 

Check out the one-minute MrSteam video, “Rush or Relax?” 

MrSteam: Rush or Relax? from MrSteam on Vimeo.

So what's the rush? Step out of the rat race for a while and who knows what you'll accomplish.  


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