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American Canyon: Home Steam Shower, Surprisingly Affordable Luxury!

Mr. Steam American Canyon Steam Shower

If you have experienced the soothing relaxation of a steam shower at a spa or gym, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how easy and affordable it is to bring that steam shower experience home.

There’s a big misconception that it’s difficult to put in a home steam shower, but it really isn’t,” says Kate Brady, manager showroom operations, American Canyon located in Walnut Creek, Calif. “People think it’s hard to do or very expensive, but it’s not.”

American Canyon, a division of General Plumbing Supply, has steam showers on display in most of its showrooms in Walnut Creek, American Canyon, Auburn, Brentwood and Sonora, California. Founded in 1965, the family owned and operated wholesale and retail plumbing supplier has experts on staff to help homeowners select the right steam systems for their particular needs.

According to Brady, the cost of a home steam spa, excluding installation, can range from about  $1500 for a simple system up to about $2500 for one with a few upgrades. “Of course you can go higher than that depending on the size of your shower and the accessories you select,” Brady points out.

And it’s an investment that can be enjoyed every day.

  • A home steam spa consists of a shower that is enclosed and made steam tight. Ceramic or porcelain tile is the most common material, but marble, glass block, fiberglass, acrylic and other heat-resistant, non-porous materials are also very suitable.
  • A generator that uses household electricity is installed outside the shower, say in a vanity, closet or heating attic or basement. Water runs through the generator which creates steam that is delivered into the shower enclosure via steam heads.
  • The steam shower is activated with a control inside the shower. 

One of the most important factors in guaranteeing the optimum steam experience is to select the right size generator. “That’s critical,” Brady says. For accurate sizing, she likes the Mr. Steam Virtual Spa System (see image below). “It’s easy to use and lets you add and subtract accessories, and preview what the room will look like,” she explains.

Mr. Steam Virtual Spa System

Kate Brady points out that totally accurate generator sizing not only depends on the dimensions of the room, but also on the shower materials which can substantially affect the optimum steam experience, with tile and natural stone each having different recommended generator sizes. “The last thing you want is a generator that’s too small,” she cautions. And you don’t want to overspend on one that’s too large, either.

If you're interested in a home steam shower, you should visit a showroom such as American Canyon with steam on display. That's the best way to become familiar with all the options available for a home steam shower - from chromatherapy, aromatherapy, music, lights, self-cleaning systems and sophisticated advanced controls. Plus, you can preview all the finish options and experience a working steam shower unit. “You can see how quickly the steam comes on, and how it is contained in the shower. Sometimes people think the whole bathroom will get steamy, but that’s not the case,” Brady explains.

Furthermore, experienced showrooms like American Canyon provide names of installers who regularly work with home steam spas, as well as coordinate with your chosen installer.

Finally, they can recommend reliable brands. “After all, it’s a mechanical system, behind the wall, and homeowners want to feel comfortable that the product has a track record,” Brady emphasizes. She likes Mr. Steam “because it’s a longstanding company that does heavy duty commercial systems as well as residential. It’s not unusual for us to see Mr. Steam generators that are 20 years old, which is very good.

Thank you, Kate Brady and American Canyon for sharing your perspective here and for being such a loyal Mr. Steam dealer!


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