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Towel Warmers: Wrap Yourself in Luxury

Shorter days, colder weather... We think it's time for towel warmers to come to the rescue chasing away some winter blues. Now's the time to wrap yourself in some well-deserved luxury!

Imagine stepping outside of the shower on one of these cold mornings, reaching out and grabbing a fresh and deliciously warmed towel. That feeling of zen you achieved in the shower stays with you as you wrap yourself in that marvelously warm towel... You're now ready to face whatever comes your way!

Indulgence? Perhaps.

We think of it as responsible and necessary luxury; it goes hand-in-hand with the SteamTherapy mindset. 

We believe that warm towels belong in the home and not just in 5-star hotels. 

With a variety of designs, stylish finishes and upgrades, a towel warmer is an attainable luxury for most bathrooms.

[By the way, Mr. Steam's towel warmers have a special well to add aromatherapy to your warm fluffy towel. Sweet!]

In addition to the spa-like luxury a toasty warm towel can provide, you can enjoy the following additional benefits of towel warmers in your home. 

1. Dry damp towels.

2. Offer a safe place to dry delicates.

3. Warm up blankets or quilts on cold nights.

4. Provide heat for chilly bathrooms.

5. Add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

6. Why limit warming to towels? Consider socks, too.

7. Add an aromatherapy experience to your bathroom routine.

Towel Warmers come in different models. While wall-mounted and pivoting designs are most popular, newer freestanding models can be conveniently positioned in the bathroom or elsewhere in the home.

Towel Warmers are affordable: for just cents/day to operate, you can indulge yourself without overheating your utility bill.

Did you know that towel warmers are used extensively in European homes and hotels? It's more than time for Americans to enjoy the luxury of towels with a “warm-from-the-clothes-dryer” feeling. 

Enough said! We think you should wrap yourself in luxury and consider a towel warmer.

Don't you?

Towel Warmer Buying Guide


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