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Avoid Holiday Stress with MrSteam

Do you stress over the holidays? You’re not alone. Ninety percent of all Americans report that they are anxious about at least one aspect of the festive season – with a whopping 45% wishing they could skip Christmas altogether, according to a survey by Think Finance. That's a lot of people who might rather avoid holiday stress. MrSteam is here with suggestions.

The Major Holiday Stressors

The American Psychological Association claims that, for nearly a quarter of Americans, this holiday anxiety translates into “extreme stress.” They break down the major stressors as follows:

  • 69 % of people lack time
  • 69 % don’t think they have enough money
  • 51 % are stressed out about the pressure to give or get gifts

Major holiday stressors include not having enough money

For what is supposed to be a merry and bright season, that’s a lot of anxiety! But when these are examined, reasons for all this stress become clear:  

Many people have looming year-end deadlines, especially if sales are tied to the holiday season. More work can means less sleep, less chance to exercise and a surrender of those healthy habits you worked hard all year to achieve.

Major holiday stressor: looming year-end work deadlines

Gift giving, parties and travel can really stretch your budget to the breaking point. And then there’s the stress of having to make decisions in super crowded shopping malls, or making sure you buy presents online soon enough to get to the recipient on time. (And after all that, who knows if they’ll like them?)

Major holiday stressor: Gift giving, parties and travel can really stretch your budget to the breaking point.

And don’t forget about those dreaded family visits! Many families use the holidays as an excuse to dredge up old grudges. Have you ever worked hard to please everyone by making the holidays “perfect,” only to find arguments and family quarrels ruin your celebration?

Major holiday stressor: dreaded family visits!

One reason many of the winter holidays came about was to survive the worst of the year’s weather. Cold, dark days can trigger seasonal affective disorder and depression.

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With the cold weather, many of us worry about road conditions and how a sudden burst of snow and ice can ruin festive plans.

This being cold and flu season, your immune system may be under attack, especially on these busy days when you’re sleeping less while eating and drinking richer, less healthful foods.

Major holiday stressor: cold weather

And then there are all those temptations – food and drink galore, each more unhealthy than the next, loaded with fat, salt, and sugar! No wonder this is the season when we pack on the pounds, suffer from heartburn and hangovers, and feel remorse even in the midst of our celebrations.

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Major holiday stressor: temptations all around 

The result? Stress and anxiety, which can show up as headaches, poor sleep, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, short temper, upset stomach, aching muscles, loss of appetite, changes in behavior at both work and home, and depression – among others.

The result of major holiday stressors: stress and anxiety

How to Avoid Holiday Stress With MrSteam

So – how do we deal with all of this free-floating anxiety? Here are some ideas – including some ways that MrSteam can help you get through the season and actually enjoy the holidays!

  • Tell others about how you feel. They may struggle with similar problems and can provide empathy and social support. If you feel truly overwhelmed or ill, seek professional help.
  • Tune down your expectations: don’t expect perfection! There will be mishaps and mistakes. When they happen, turn them into a memory for your family and friends, rather than thinking they have ruined everything.

 How to avoid holiday stress? MrSteam suggests how.

  • Don’t keep repeating the same mistakes each holiday season. By now, you know what parts of the holiday are particularly difficult for you. Rid yourself of anything toxic and maybe try something new.
  • Remember what’s important. The holiday is about friends and family. If you are facing a season alone, consider volunteering. Helping others keeps you active and distracts you from feeling lonely.

Helping others keeps you active and distracts you from feeling lonely.

  • Stick to a budget and a plan. Before you go gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Set aside specific days for all of your activities – and make sure to draft people to help you with party prep and clean up after any events.

Make Time for Self-Care

And – most important of all – make sure you are making time for self-care, which is often the best way to reduce stress and restore your equilibrium. Here’s where MrSteam can be a huge help:

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Take a long, indulgent steam bath, carving out some me time

  • Music is known to impart a good mood. Use MusicTherapy and MrSteam’s Audio Wizard to pipe music into your steam shower or listen while you bathe. If holiday music gets you in the mood, by all means play it. If it is the last thing you want to hear, select your own sound track!

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  • Overindulged? MrSteam steam showers can help you detox if you’ve drunk too much or eaten too many salty foods. And steam bathing can help you maintain your weight during the holidays and lose it after the indulgent season has passed.

Steam bathing can help you maintain your weight during the holidays

  • And don’t forget that the qualities of Aromatherapy can help repair your mood. If you’re feeling sluggish, try Energizing Mint Essential Oil or Red Vitality Chakra Oil. The Chakra Oils Green Harmony and Violet Nirvana can help calm your nerves and restore a sense of balance. If you’re suffering from a cold or flu, you might want to try Eucalyptus, Energizing Mint or Breathe Essential Oils. And the Lavender Essential Oil will help you soothe anxiety and get a better night’s sleep.

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Have a Joyous, Stress-free Holiday Season!

Here at MrSteam, we wish you all a joyous, stress-free holiday season, full of good things and particularly plenty of health and happiness!

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