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Giving Your Steam Shower A Longer Life in Two Simple Steps.

Maintaining a MrSteam steam shower is probably the simplest maintenance routine in your entire home. In fact, two steps are all it takes to give you uninterrupted, carefree, and untroubled years and years of beneficial steam:

Step #1 – Install the system properly

Step # 2 – Install AutoFlush®

And that’s it. Really. These two steps are all it takes to prevent the most common problems that occur with a steam shower:

Sound too good to be true? We hear you. So let us explain why this is all it takes.

Step # 1 – Install Your Steam Shower Properly in the First Place

Steam creates moisture, and you want to keep that moisture in your shower stall. But if you make sure that professionals with experience installing steam showers perform your installation, they will know how to prevent moisture leakage, including:

  • Fully enclosing the shower stall in a waterproof, vapor-proof casing rated for steam.
  • Adding insulation in the walls and ceiling.

Proper installation also proactively helps you avoid any issues that arise due to improperly installed pipes or electric lines.

We think it’s always good to understand what your installers need to do, so take a minute and review our simple MrSteam installation guides.

Step # 2 – Install AutoFlush®

One issue that can arise with your steam generator is the possibility of calcium and mineral build-up in the water tank. If not drained regularly, minerals that flow through the water in your steam generator can turn into calcium deposits that could reduce its performance. This means it may gradually take more power to heat the water.

The good news is that you can avoid all that by simply installing MrSteam’s exclusive AutoFlush® self-cleaning system, which flushes the generator of water and sediment after every use. This not only promotes a long, healthy life for steam generators, it gives you clean steam every time you use the system. And don’t bother looking for a button to press or a switch to flip to start the AutoFlush process – it’s not something you have to remember to do. Because it works automatically after every single use.

By flushing out all mineral deposits two hours after every steam bath, AutoFlush not only prevents any and all calcium deposits, but also ensures you of clean, fresh water for each and every steam shower.

So – while it might seem like a steam shower should require more time and attention from you to maintain, it simply doesn’t. Relax, enjoy, and know that, having taken these two simple steps, you have years and years of steam delight ahead of you!

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