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6 Smart Shower Trends to Be on the Lookout for in 2022

Want to take better bathroom selfies? Or create an oasis where you can lock out the world (and the kids) for a little bit of me time? No matter the reason, if you’re looking to give your loo a bit of a refresh in 2022, we’ve got the top trends that can make it all happen.  

Whether you’re interested in making a small upgrade or taking on a full gut-job, you’ll want to incorporate some of these bathroom trends that are raising the bar in the coming year. 

Purifying Plants  

While there has been a lot written over the years touting the health and wellness benefits of houseplants, what you may not have heard about is the advantages plants in the bathroom can provide. Not only are they are beautiful and offer instant aesthetic appeal, they also absorb extra moisture in the air. Just two plants can purify air in a small space like your bathroom, providing 75% improvement in air quality by absorbing airborne toxins. Finally, plants have been shown to reduce stress.  

Spa Like Features  

Luxury features that create a spa-like retreat have become a priority for most homeowners. High-end finishes such as detailed mosaic tiles, glass showers with minimal framing, and stylish hardware can help bring your bathroom into 2022. Design that incorporates steam elevates your bathroom to a health, wellness, and relaxation destination.   


Scent has the power to change our mood entirely. MrSteam offers the AromaSteam System that atomizes botanical fragrances and infuses them into the steam, delivering them to the steam shower and enveloping your senses. You can also incorporate aromatherapy by adding a few drops of essential oil to the aroma oil well built into the steam heads to transform your shower into an immersive aroma wellness experience.   

Relaxing Seating  

Another feature that adds to the indulgent feel and complete relaxation of your steam shower is built-in seating. Floating benches, often in teak or stone, come in handy as a place to relax during steam sessions. Built-in benches can add to just about any design. Fold-down seats save space and provide options in small spaces. Seating is great for comfort now and to accommodate people who have mobility issues or those that want to age in place.  

Natural Materials  

Natural stone, wood, and metals combine to give any design an organic touch. If your bathroom has a window, play with the natural light to enhance textured tile, stone and wood. A bathroom with light, natural hues will give your space a blissful, escape feel with room to breathe while still creating a sense of connection. 

Walk-In Showers 

Walk-in showers are now a highly requested feature in bath remodels and new builds. As aging in place has become top of mind, a popular feature is the no threshold opening. Removing the threshold eliminates trip risks and allows easy roll-in access for walkers or wheelchairs. It also gives a seamless, open-concept look to the room. Whether you have a tub shower combo, step-in shower, or an on-trend no-threshold enclosure, steam is a perfect addition to any shower. 

The Top Shower Trend for 2022: Uniquely Yours 

The perfect bathroom varies from person to person. Your idea of an ideal shower has likely evolved over the years with advances in construction, materials, and technology. Planning the spa bathroom complete with steam shower of your dreams has never been easier. Just use MrSteam's Virtual Spa tool. It helps you spec out your own custom steam system in just a few clicks.  

In the last couple of years, we've all spent much more time in our homes. It underlined the importance of having space to relax and decompress. In 2022, you can bring these trends to your home for a shower that is uniquely yours and create your own personal wellness sanctuary.  

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Home Steam Shower


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