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    How To Install the Award-Winning Linear SteamHead

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    If you've selected the new seamless Linear SteamHead from MrSteam for your home steam shower, here are some helpful installation tips that will allow you to fully enjoy its award-winning design and innovation, which is touted as, “So powerful, but so minimal -- the best of both worlds."

    Instructions on How to Install the Linear SteamHead

    MrSteam has created an informative 1:43 minute video to provide you with perspective on how to install the pioneering SteamHead in your steam room. We have included it at the end of this article, along with step-by-step instructions for a detailed look at how you can enjoy it in your home.

    Please note the instructions in this installation video are not meant to replace the product’s Installation and Operation Manuals. Rather, they are designed to give you the information needed to discuss the installation with your contractor or steam shower professional. The diagrams herein are for illustrative purposes only.

    >> Refer to the applicable MrSteam product manual for installation and operation instructions. 

    >> See Linear SteamHead on MrSteam.com.

    Furthermore, always consult a licensed contractor or steam shower professional for your steam shower installation. 

    1. Locating the SteamHead

    The first step is determing the right location for the SteamHead.

    Many people ask where to place a steamhead in a steam shower? We suggest it should be installed 6 to 12 inches from the shower floor, opposite to your in-shower seating.

    Follow our step-by-step instructions for installing the  Linear SteamHead from MrSteam

    Steam heads are typically installed on the same wall as the traditional showerhead.

    >> See Steam Showers and the Science of Human Comfort

    2. Install the SteamHead flush to the wall

    Once you have determined the location and the correct height, you will want to fine tune the placement of the SteamHead so it is flush with the finished wall, taking into account both the cement board and thinset  That is what makes the Linear SteamHead so discreet and unobtrusive; it is contained almost entirely within the wall.

    This is in sharp contrast to conventional square and rounded steam shower heads that protrude into the steam room and deliver warm steam from a single exit point.

    The Linear SteamHead is ideally installed flush to the wall

    While the SteamHead is ideally set flush to the finished wall, installers may leave up to 1/8th inch exposed beyond the wall surface, depending upon your preference. Once you have adjusted the SteamHead to be flush, you can fix it into place with additional screws.

    3. Connect the SteamHead to the Steam Pipe

    Your installer will use a 3/4“ NPT thread fitting into the SteamHead to connect it to the steam pipe.

    The Linear SteamHead is ideally installed flush to the wall

    An adapter may be required to connect the steam pipe.

    Because of the high heat, your installer needs to use copper or brass pipe ONLY -- no PEX or PVC pipe should be used.

    4. Installation Finishing Touches

    As the cement board, thinset and tile are installed, your installer will need to ensure that there is sufficient clearance around the SteamHead so that it can be adequately sealed with grout or silicone.


    Once the finishing touches are completed and your installer has assured you that the silicone or grout has cured, your steam shower is ready for you.

    Watch the How to Install the Linear SteamHead video below for a full look at the step-by-step instructions, and remember to consult a professional for installation.

    How to Install the Linear SteamHead from MrSteam by MrSteam on Vimeo.

    Have Questions About How To Install the Linear SteamHead?

    If you or your installer have questions about installing the Linear SteamHead, don't hesitate to contact MrSteam customer service.

    Once fully installed, you can start to enjoy the countless benefits of steam brought to you by this groundbreaking new SteamHead, not to mention the captivating, “reverse waterfall” operation.


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