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New High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction from Mr. Steam® Extends Commercial Steam Generator Longevity

Posted by Nora DePalma on Tue, May 03, 2011 @ 03:24 PM

MrSteam CU 1000 Generator SST smLONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK (MAY 3, 2011) — Mr. Steam® has enhanced its line of heavy-duty, CU Commercial Steambath Generators with six new models that feature a custom-fabricated stainless steel housing designed to resist stains, rust and extend unit life.

The new stainless steel models, from nine to 36 Kilowatts (KW), are designed for the most demanding commercial steam room environments up to 1,400 cubic feet. The CU series also accommodates larger applications – up to 4,500 cubic feet – with four additional models that range from 48 to 108 KW and feature resilient steel jackets.

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Ideal for mid-to-large applications, the Mr. Steam CU Commercial Steambath Generator series features an industrial welded pressure vessel that complies with UL and ASME code requirements for low-pressure operation and is National Board Registered.

Unlike an open, atmospheric steam generator typically used for residential settings, this heavy-duty pressure boiler is specifically designed for sustained-use commercial applications such as spas, resorts, health/fitness facilities and medical treatment centers that operate in excess of six hours a day and accommodate three or more steam bathers at one time.

“The new CU generators feature commercial-grade construction and a high-quality, 18-gauge stainless steel casing that is well suited for challenging commercial environments and high-volume applications,” explains Martha Orellana, vice president of sales and marketing for Mr. Steam. “Our low-pressure commercial systems are designed to automatically maintain a steamroom's temperature to consistently deliver the quality experience that clients demand.”

For more than 40 years, the CU series has been a top commercial performer, known for its advanced microprocessor technology, touchpad controls and innovative diagnostics that have made Mr. Steam the industry leader.

Each Mr. Steam CU Commercial Steambath unit is shipped ready-to-install and equipped with the Digital 1™ Control, which maintains a preselected room temperature, saving energy and reducing costs.

Introduced in 2010, the Digital 1 Control is factory installed on the CU generator and includes a separate operating temperature sensor and a high limit shut-off, an AromaSteam steamhead with acrylic shield and a ¾-inch steam solenoid valve that precisely regulates steam output.

“The Digital 1 Control is designed with health club and fitness center management in mind,” says Orellana. “The highly advanced product has a tight-bandwidth, allowing management to automatically maintain the steam room temperature. Management enjoys the benefits of low maintenance while users enjoy full comfort.”

The CU series boiler systems operate under pressure to deliver Steam-On-Demand® for up to two steam room environments. If more than one steam room is being serviced by a CU generator, a Digital 1 Controller must be specified for each room. CU generators are easily installed in most service closets, storage areas, or similar dry, heated locations. Mr. Steam generators meet cULus and ASME requirements for low-pressure operation and adhere to code and quality standards.

Optional CU series equipment that enhances the steam-bathing experience include:

  • Automatic Blowdown System – provides 24 hour, 7-day automatic start-up, shutdown and AutoFlush® operation to reduce maintenance.

  • ASME Code Blowdown Tank – provides for automatic blowdown maintenance where building Codes require maximum 140° F discharge.

  • AromaFlo® Aroma Oil Delivery System – this electronic oil delivery system evenly infuses scent into steam and comes complete with an electronic metering control pump, hoses and oil atomizer.

“Mr. Steam generators feature industrial-quality components, serviceable heating elements and self-diagnostics designed to deliver the utmost reliability,” concludes Orellana. “Few companies can match our engineering and manufacturing expertise, especially when it comes to sophisticated temperature and pressure controls and other safety features.”

Mr. Steam offers a range of CU accessories, including the Mr. Steam AromaSteam electronic aromatic oils system, in-shower Musictherapy™ speakers, as well as a digital or mechanical timer, emergency steam stop switch and audible alarm.


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MrSteam CU 1000 Generator SST  

Mr. Steam CU 1000 Generator
Ideal for Resorts, Spas & Health Clubs, the new Mr. Steam® stainless steel CU commercial steam generators feature a custom fabricated stainless steel housing that is designed to resist stains, rust and extend unit life. (CU 1000 shown)

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Image Size: 4" wide x 6" high x 300ppi (1200 x 1800 pixels); CMYK


MrSteam CU 1000 Generator SST D1  

Mr. Steam CU 1000 Generator
Ideal for Resorts, Spas & Health Clubs, the new Mr. Steam® stainless steel CU commercial steam generators feature the Digital 1™ Control that maintains a pre-selected room temperature, saving energy and reducing costs. (CU 1000 shown)


MrSteam Digital 1 Control  

Mr. Steam Digital 1™ Control
Featuring a high contrast digital display, the Mr. Steam® CU Digital 1™ Control precisely maintains steam room temperature, thereby saving energy and reducing costs.

File Name: MrSteam_Digital-1-Control.tif
Image Size: 6" wide x 3" high x 300ppi (1800 x 900 pixels); CMYK


MrSteam Pressure Vessel Illus  

Mr. Steam Pressure Vessel Illustration
The massive welded pressure vessel meets ASME, Pressure Vessel Codes and is National Board Registered. Vertically designed for durability and minimal footprint.

File Name: MrSteam_Pressure-Vessel-Illus.tif
Image Size: 6" wide x 5.5" high x 300ppi 
(1800 x 1650 pixels); CMYK


About Mr. Steam
Making Wellness a Way of Life®, Mr. Steam® provides the finest quality steam showers and towel warmers for residential and commercial use. Mr. Steam products help support a healthy lifestyle with innovative accessories, including AromaSteam™ aromatic oils system, ChromaSteam™ mood lighting system, in-shower Musictherapy® speakers, and in-shower seating to enhance the steam bathing experience. For more information, please visit www.mrsteam.com or call toll-free: 1-800-76-STEAM.

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