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New SteamLinx System Delivers Effortless Voice Control of Steam Room Functions

Posted by Hello MrSteam on Thu, Jul 18, 2019 @ 09:00 AM

LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK (July 18, 2019) —  The SteamLinx Module and Mobile App harness the latest in smart home technology to completely reimagine the home steam shower experience. Offering smart home and voice integration exclusive to MrSteam home steam showers, the 2019 update to SteamLinx supports Amazon Alexa to provide effortless voice control over several steam shower functions.

Once the SteamLinx module is installed and the MrSteam skill for Alexa is activated for voice controls, simply saying, “Alexa, ask MrSteam to start the steam bath” will start the MrSteam steam shower. The steam bather can also set the temperature and time of the steam shower, as well as learn how much time is left.

SteamLinx is a wireless interface that consists of a smartphone app, and two small transmitter modules: one of which connects to any current MrSteam E-series generator, and the other to the home Internet router. The two transmitters communicate with each other, allowing the user to control steam room functionality wirelessly through the app on their smartphone or through Alexa voice controls.

This innovative system keeps simple, convenient control of home steam shower functions easily within reach. By harnessing the powerful technology of SteamLinx through the mobile app, the user can easily activate their steam shower remotely in advance from anywhere. The touch of a finger is all it takes to preheat the steam shower while preparing morning coffee in the kitchen, finishing a workout in the exercise room or pulling into the garage after a long day. With SteamLinx, the steam shower can be ready and waiting on demand for the user.

The simple-to-operate mobile experience of the SteamLinx system is compatible with all MrSteam home steam shower controls, including the iSteam3, wireless AirTempo, iTempoPlus and iTempo. It is also included in all MrSteam Dream and Butler packages.

SteamLinx has a suggested retail price of $425. Locate an authorized dealer at mrsteam.com.


The 2019 update to the SteamLinx Module and Mobile App supports Amazon Alexa to provide effortless voice control over several steam shower functions.

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