Michael Pinkus, President

Michael Pinkus is the President of Sussman-Automatic Corporation, which oversees the MrSteam division. After joining the Long Island City, New York-based firm as a senior designer in 1993, Michael flourished in the design, development and “Feel Good mindset” of MrSteam for nearly twenty years before being named president of the company in 2011.
Following his graduation from Syracuse University in 1984 with a bachelor degree in Industrial Design, Michael traveled to northern Italy to work for Formula One racing car designer Dallara Automobili Competizione. Following his experiences abroad, Michael returned to New York where he ran his own consultancy for many years. When he joined Sussman-Automatic, he was responsible for helping develop the very first series of MrSteam towel warmers. Michael often brings the company’s addicting “Feel Good” mindset home from the office. He’ll tell you just how good it feels to ride back roads on his vintage Ducati or to scuba dive with his aquatic buddy/wife.