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    Using SteamTherapy to Combat that Congestion

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    You always know when that pesky early spring cold or flu is about to hit – the sudden difficulty in breathing, the cough, the aches. Or when allergy season comes – always earlier than you think, right? There’s nothing pleasant about the sensation of blocked sinuses, runny noses, or watery eyes. Just when the world is starting to warm up and bloom beautifully all around you, you suddenly feel miserable and just want to crawl under the covers.

    Expanding Your Intuitive Mind with Indigo...and Steam

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    Have you ever just "known" something without knowing how you knew it? While that may be a mouthful, that sense of knowing, that gut feeling you experience from time to time, is simply called intuition. And, one means of expanding your intuition is through the color indigo.

    SteamTherapy Tips for A Romantic, Memorable Valentine’s Day!

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    Valentine’s Day is almost here. Don’t fret if your plans are not all set. There’s still time to plan a unique, special day that will be remembered! And MrSteam has some unique SteamTherapy tips to help you put some deeply felt romance into the day and surprise your beloved with your loving flair!

    What do Green, Steam and the New Year Have in Common?

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    As you enter into 2017, you may be making New Year’s resolutions to refocus yourself and strive for greater balance in your life. There are many ways to achieve this, but did you know that color is one of them? And that green specifically can help you achieve greater inner balance? Read on to learn more about this and the five Green Steam ChromaTherapy tips from MrSteam.

    15 Tips to Consider Before Installing a Home Steam Shower

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    Back in 2013, MrSteam shared 15 tips in response to a question asked on Houzz about what to consider before installing a steam shower. We decided to share them with you here as they are hugely relevant to the SteamTherapy Blog. The article has received such a strong response that we have updated it with additional information.

    MrSteam Helps You Get Into Shape in 2017

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    The new year is typically a time for resolutions – and one of the most common is getting into shape through diet and exercise. If you’ve made this same resolution for several years, yet always failed and gave up in the past, it may be time to change your approach. Read on to find how MrSteam can help!

    Avoid Holiday Stress with MrSteam

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    Do you stress over the holidays? You’re not alone. Ninety percent of all Americans report that they are anxious about at least one aspect of the festive season – with a whopping 45% wishing they could skip Christmas altogether, according to a survey by Think Finance. That's a lot of people who might rather avoid holiday stress. MrSteam is here with suggestions.

    Loyal MrSteam User Still Loves His Original Steam Unit 22 Years Later

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    In 1994, homeowner Bill R. of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, built a new home and decided to include a MrSteam steam generator in the master bathroom. Twenty-two years later, despite a bathroom renovation and remodel, he remains loyal to his original steam unit.

    SteamTherapy and Sleep

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     Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, you’re not alone:

    • As many as 30 to 40 percent of adults suffer from insomnia, an inability to fall or stay asleep.
    • About 10 to 15 percent of people suffer from chronic insomnia, finding it hard to get enough rest a few times a week, or even nightly.

    The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Are you managing that? Or are you one of the average Americans who only logs about six or seven? Or even less?

    Top 10 Steam Bath Benefits You May Not Have Considered

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    Did you know that home steam showers offer dozens of benefits that range from improving health and wellness to achieving glowing skin to supporting a natural health routine? Imagine feeling more relaxed thanks to better breathing, improved blood circulation, rejuvenated skin and more... Let's explore ten of these steam-related benefits that you may not have considered as part of living a healthier lifestyle.

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