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    Which MrSteam SteamShower Control Is Right for You?

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    When you buy something brand new – a new car, a smart phone, a computer – are you the type of person who reads the instruction manual cover to cover, figuring out all the features to become a super-user?  Do you enjoy taking full advantage of all your various devices?  Or, instead, are you the type of consumer who wants to push a button – a single button, generally – on a device that simply does what you need it to do? The user who just wants something to work, never mind the more complex functionality?

    When You’re Dreaming of Steaming, SteamLinx Sets the Stage

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    It’s hour two of the all-hands staff meeting. There’s a pause in the excitement as the IT guy is summoned to reboot PowerPoint yet again. Your shoulders still ache from that ill-advised third set of kettlebell deadlifts you had for lunch instead of the pasta puttanesca you really wanted. At this moment, you are staying alive for one reason and one reason only: the transcendently relaxing steam shower that awaits you at home.

    Where Does the Steamhead Go? Exploring the MrSteam SteamHead Options

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    Now that you’ve chosen to indulge in the many benefits of steam — relief from stress and pain, increased flexibility and circulation, improved breathing and skin tone…just to name a few — it’s time to get down to details.

    Specifically, the steamhead and where to place it in a steam shower.

    Create Your Own World of Wellness With iSteam®3

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    What would it take for you to relax today? What if everything you needed to achieve a few moments of personal Zen — the whole of your environment and every element of ambience in it — could be changed to your liking by nothing more than the swipe of a finger. Sound like a dream?

    Well, then pinch yourself and keep reading…it’s all quite real.

    AirTempo Control Takes Home Prestigious 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award

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    MrSteam is honored to announce that the innovative, cutting-edge design of the AirTempo steam shower control has won a 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award--the oldest and most prestigious design recognition in the world.

    Discover the Best Steam Shower Control Package For You

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    MrSteam makes it easy for you to find the home steam experience that's right for you. We have a number of different steam shower control packages with pre-selected options and accessories to ensure that your custom steam shower fits your home, your style and your life.

    Feeling Good is Just a Touch Away with AirTempo Steam Shower Control

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    For nearly a century, MrSteam has been revolutionizing the steam bath industry with a range of innovative products that aim to maximize the health and wellness benefits of steam. One of the latest and most user-friendly of these introductions is the AirTempo wireless steam shower control, which completely eliminates the need to physically wire the control to the generator.

    How to Install the AirTempo Wireless Steam Shower Control

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    The new, award-winning, AirTempo Control from MrSteam is the industry’s first wireless home steam shower control. It's elegant, flexible and easy-to-use and a welcome addition for your residential steam shower experience. And, it comes with two installation options--flush mount and surface mount - which we describe in this how-to article.

    AirTempo Steam Shower Control Wins Platinum ADEX Award for Design Excellence

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    At MrSteam, our goal and passion is to provide consumers with innovative steam technology that maximizes ease-of-use and the overall steam shower experience. It therefore feels great when a third party reaffirms our success in this regard, which is exactly what happened recently. We are honored to have been named a Platinum Award winner for our revolutionary AirTempo steam shower control in the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) competition, sponsored by Design Journal magazine.

    New Wireless Steam Shower Control is Easy to Install; Easy to Use

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    Wireless technology has come to steam. The new, user-friendly AirTempo Control from MrSteam offers users exceptional functionality and flexibility, while also providing substantial time- and labor-savings to installers.

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