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    Top Steam Shower Tips for Architects

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    Be the hero architect for your bathroom renovation clients. Recommend the luxury of their very own home steam shower.

    Yes, You Can Have a Steam Shower in a Small Bathroom

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    Good things do come in small packages. Ask anyone who has ever had the thrill of opening a signature blue Tiffany box. 

    Now the luxury of a home steam shower also comes specially designed for small spaces, thanks to MrSteam's [email protected]™ package. In a shower as small as 3 feet x 3 feet, you can enjoy all the health and wellness benefits of steam without having to visit a day spa.

    MrSteam's Sandra Pearce Shares Insights on Steam and its Benefits

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    Sandra Pearce, the newly-appointed Marketing Manager at MrSteam, is truly passionate about steam, its wide range of benefits, and the surprisingly affordable ways in which a steam shower can be incorporated into almost any bathroom. 

    How to Create a Spa Experience at Home

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    Imagine yourself having this experience... every day:  Relaxing and rejuvenating your body, releasing internalized stresses, clearing your mind and reflecting in your own private sanctuary.  If you have spent time at a spa in a steam room, you probably know what this feels like.

    Finding time to truly relax can be so difficult. You might enjoy a luxury spa now and then for a steam, a massage and a pedicure, but too often, it's part of an occasional vacation rather than a daily routine. One solution is to create a spa experience at home where you can indulge regularly on your own terms. Here's how and why.

    MrSteam's T.J. Mullally Introduces Himself, Talks Steam Showers

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    Have you met MrSteam's T.J. Mullally? T.J. was recently appointed Southern Regional and E-Commerce Sales Manager at MrSteam. He brings a wealth of kitchen and bath industry experience, as well as motivational lessons learned from being a Staff Sergeant in the U.S Army. We recently chatted with T.J. to get to know him better, both as a person and professional.

    How To Build a Home Steam Shower: Professional Edition

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    Are you a home builder whose clients ask about home steam showers? We have just the resource that will fully explain how to build a home steam shower.

    Linear SteamHead Wins KBCULTURE Award

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    The MrSteam Linear SteamHead has proven its design excellence yet again by winning a 2016 KBCULTURE Award. Now in its seventh year, the annual competition recognizes the best of the kitchen and bath industry’s aesthetic and technological innovations.

    AirTempo Control Takes Home Prestigious 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award

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    MrSteam is honored to announce that the innovative, cutting-edge design of the AirTempo steam shower control has won a 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award--the oldest and most prestigious design recognition in the world.

    Discover the Best Steam Shower Control Package For You

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    MrSteam makes it easy for you to find the home steam experience that's right for you. We have a number of different steam shower control packages with pre-selected options and accessories to ensure that your custom steam shower fits your home, your style and your life.

    15 Tips to Consider Before Installing a Home Steam Shower

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    Back in 2013, MrSteam shared 15 tips in response to a question asked on Houzz about what to consider before installing a steam shower. We decided to share them with you here as they are hugely relevant to the SteamTherapy Blog. The article has received such a strong response that we have updated it with additional information.

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