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    Conditioning For Backpackers and Hikers: How Heat Helps

     / Hello MrSteam

    Regular sessions in a steam room can help acclimate the body for those arduous outdoor excursions. Here’s how.

    The summer of 2018 has been a scorcher. In almost every part of the country, people are baking and wilting under higher than normal temperatures. When submerged in the humid gusts of 80-plus or 90-plus degrees of Fahrenheit fury, you often hear this comment: “Feels like I’m in a steam room.”

    The Steam Therapy Advantage — How Elite Athletes Get a Leg Up

     / Jim Schmaltz

    From exercise recovery to improved lung function, steam room sessions could help athletes train harder and perform better.

    Everybody’s looking for an edge. For athletes, it borders on obsession. Serious competitive athletes will make tremendous sacrifices to finish in the winner’s circle.

    This insatiable quest for athletic glory was the subject of interest for researcher Robert Goldman, MD, whose findings led to what’s called “Goldman’s dilemma.” In a survey, Goldman asked numerous elite athletes a hypothetical question: If you could take a drug that ensured you’d win every major competition, but it would kill you five years after you took it, would you still take the drug? More than half of athletes he asked said they would.

    Fitting Steam Therapy into your Morning Wellness Routine

     / Hello MrSteam

    With healthy living tips for summer, and great advice on fitting steam therapy into your morning wellness routine, Lauren Rippy, Director of Training for The Labs, USA has solid advice on all things fitness. She is next up in our #trainertellsall series.

    Physical Therapist Praises the Benefits of Steam

     / Hello MrSteam

    Allison Guttman’s goal is to empower people to find their optimal level of health using three pillars: fitness, food, and a balanced lifestyle with steam. The 28-year-old physical therapist based in suburban Chicago says she regularly treats patients suffering from diminished mobility, function and aching joints and sore muscles.

    Try Movement, Moderation and Steam Per 96 Year-Old Trainer Moe Carson

     / Hello MrSteam

    Feeling good and living well go hand-in-hand with movement and moderation - and especially with steam - according to 96 year-old personal trainer Moe Carson who shares with us his secret to health and wellness in this #TrainerTellsAll article.

    Wellness Tips For Staying Healthy During the Holidays

     / Hello MrSteam

    Wondering how you can make it through the holidays with your health and wellness goals intact? Next in our #TrainerTellsAll series is Nick Casteel, a personal trainer at Elmwood Fitness Center, a 175,000-square-foot health club with four locations in New Orleans. Nick shares his healthy lifestyle wellness tips for surviving the holidays.

    Healthy Lifestyle Tips From Martha Orellana's Personal Trainer

     / Hello MrSteam

    Coach JoAnna Burks and her client, Martha Orellana, had the design and construction industry in common when Martha first started working with "Coach B." a few years ago.  While Martha continued on in the field as VP of sales and marketing for MrSteam, JoAnna left the building industry to focus on a new career of making people feel good through a healthy lifestyle. 

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