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    A Week in the Life of an At-Home Steamer

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    A week contains about 10,000 minutes, and what you do with them is up to you. An ever-growing society of steamers has discovered that spending 20 of those minutes each day enjoying a soothing, stress-lifting, health-promoting steam bath is an excellent investment of time. And for those who have installed a steam bath in their own homes, those 20 minutes quickly become an appointment with happiness that they rarely miss.

    We asked some committed MrSteam users if they’d let us take a peek into their steam baths and their calendars, sharing how they incorporate steam therapy into their busy schedules. Hey, eyes up here!

    MrSteam Goes to Bath: A Pictorial Tour

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    The Roman Baths in Bath are the best preserved ancient baths in northern Europe, as well as a World Heritage site and the only thermal springs in the UK.  When MrSteam had the opportunity to visit recently, we not only caught a glimpse of our distant past, but also realized anew why steam bathing has always been such a compelling way for people to rejuvenate their spirits and their bodies.

    The mix of architecture from ancient Roman to Georgian Palladian buildings reminds many of us of how we first learned about this resort city – from 18th Century authors such as Jane Austen, who used Bath as a backdrop in her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. This city’s legacy began before the Romans and extended long after they left Britain – and it remains a popular tourist attraction today.

    Great Moments in Steam History

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    As long as there has been fire and water, there has been steam. We’re no scientists, but that’s probably a pretty long time, certainly longer than the span of human history. And throughout history, humans have made the most of steam—to power our locomotives, open our pores, and make broccoli more edible. Here then, submitted for your consideration, are some of the greatest moments in steam history.

    The Art of Steaming: A Good Egg

     / Hello MrSteam A group of artists gathered in a spacious and welcoming downtown Los Angeles loft on a  recent evening for an informal steam session. What’s a steam session? We’ll get to that.  In attendance were a sculptor, a painter, an experimental filmmaker, a composer, a Serbian  lecture artist, and a gentleman whose career eluded labels but was summarized by a friend as  “sort of a professional arranger of things.” After a few pleasantries and some home-made  sweet potato fries, attention turned to the centerpiece of both the evening and the loft: a giant  mirrored egg, steaming from its apex.

    Four Intriguing Twists on Steam Rooms Around the World

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    Ah, steam—that limb-loosening, detoxifying, trance-inducing tonic for what ails you. You’ll find steam rooms in resorts, spas, community bath houses of all description, therapeutic centers, and increasingly in private homes. But where did the steam bath begin? When did humans start taking the vapors in earnest?

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