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    Steam Shower Remodeling FAQs, Questions from Professionals

     / Bart Gorelik, Remodeling Category Manager

    Barton Gorelik, MrSteam’s Remodeling Category Manager, aka Bart, is happy to respond to some of the most frequently asked questions about remodeling a home bathroom with a MrSteam steam shower. This article is another in a series of MrSteam Team blog posts, in which we bring you first-hand knowledge you can use as you integrate steam into your home or commercial venue – from initial design through installation, use and maintenance.

    Where Does the Steamhead Go? Exploring the MrSteam SteamHead Options

     / Hello MrSteam

    Now that you’ve chosen to indulge in the many benefits of steam — relief from stress and pain, increased flexibility and circulation, improved breathing and skin tone…just to name a few — it’s time to get down to details.

    Specifically, the steamhead and where to place it in a steam shower.

    How to Hire a Contractor to Install Your Steam Shower

     / Hello MrSteam

    Congratulations! You’ve discovered the benefits of steam at a gym or spa. And now you’re ready to create a spa-like setting right at home. 

    So, what are the next steps to setting up your steam shower? First of all, identify the right professionals for the job, ones that have the expertise to install the home steam shower of your dreams.

    10 Tips to Home Steam Shower Bliss

     / Hello MrSteam

    Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to include a home steam shower in your new bathroom. You are going to love how you feel when steam becomes part of your life — the foundation of your wellness routine.

    How to Seal Your Steam Shower Windows

     / Hello MrSteam

    Imagine that the personal steam spa sanctuary you have in mind is one where the outdoors seems to be one with indoors. Expansive windows bring sunlight and greenery inside. As you step into your glass enclosed steam shower, and billowy steam fills the space, you bask in the sunny green-tinted mist and feel the weight of the world leave your shoulders…

    That vision is totally doable as long as you – or rather your installation professional – properly seal your steam shower windows and doors.

    So, let’s talk about it.

    Top Steam Shower Tips for Architects

     / Hello MrSteam

    Be the hero architect for your bathroom renovation clients. Recommend the luxury of their very own home steam shower.

    How To Install the Award-Winning Linear SteamHead

     / Hello MrSteam

    If you've selected the new seamless Linear SteamHead from MrSteam for your home steam shower, here are some helpful installation tips that will allow you to fully enjoy its award-winning design and innovation, which is touted as, “So powerful, but so minimal -- the best of both worlds."

    How to Install the AirTempo Wireless Steam Shower Control

     / Hello MrSteam

    The new, award-winning, AirTempo Control from MrSteam is the industry’s first wireless home steam shower control. It's elegant, flexible and easy-to-use and a welcome addition for your residential steam shower experience. And, it comes with two installation options--flush mount and surface mount - which we describe in this how-to article.

    Steam Shower Installation Basics From MrSteam

     / Hello MrSteam

    If you are a designer or remodeler interested in learning more about the finer points of steam, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will share steam shower installation basics for bathroom remodeling professionals, so you can ensure the best experience for your home steam shower clients. 

    Seven Questions to Ask Your Contractor About Installing a Steam Shower

     / Hello MrSteam

    Ready to start planning your steam room installation? Here are seven questions about how to install a steam shower that we recommend discussing with your contractor.

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