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    A Week in the Life of an At-Home Steamer

     / Hello MrSteam

    A week contains about 10,000 minutes, and what you do with them is up to you. An ever-growing society of steamers has discovered that spending 20 of those minutes each day enjoying a soothing, stress-lifting, health-promoting steam bath is an excellent investment of time. And for those who have installed a steam bath in their own homes, those 20 minutes quickly become an appointment with happiness that they rarely miss.

    We asked some committed MrSteam users if they’d let us take a peek into their steam baths and their calendars, sharing how they incorporate steam therapy into their busy schedules. Hey, eyes up here!

    Essential Oils and Steam: The Do’s, Don’ts, and Musts

     / Hello MrSteam

    Aromas from essential oils diffused in steam rooms have become a powerful wellness option. Here’s why.

    One of the most famous passages in literature is the “madeleine” moment in Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time.” When the novel’s narrator dips a madeleine, a small French pastry, into tea, the aroma creates an involuntary response that conjures a flood of memories.

    The madeleine moment is a cultural touchstone for a simple reason: Everyone can relate to it. We have all been moved by a familiar scent from our past that creates an immediate and powerful sensation. But distinct aromas can do more than act as memory triggers. Scientific research on olfactory responses to outside stimuli has found that many aromas, especially from botanical sources, can have significant physiological effects. You may know this as the science of aromatherapy.

    The Art of Steaming: A Good Egg

     / Hello MrSteam A group of artists gathered in a spacious and welcoming downtown Los Angeles loft on a  recent evening for an informal steam session. What’s a steam session? We’ll get to that.  In attendance were a sculptor, a painter, an experimental filmmaker, a composer, a Serbian  lecture artist, and a gentleman whose career eluded labels but was summarized by a friend as  “sort of a professional arranger of things.” After a few pleasantries and some home-made  sweet potato fries, attention turned to the centerpiece of both the evening and the loft: a giant  mirrored egg, steaming from its apex.

    Conditioning For Backpackers and Hikers: How Heat Helps

     / Hello MrSteam

    Regular sessions in a steam room can help acclimate the body for those arduous outdoor excursions. Here’s how.

    The summer of 2018 has been a scorcher. In almost every part of the country, people are baking and wilting under higher than normal temperatures. When submerged in the humid gusts of 80-plus or 90-plus degrees of Fahrenheit fury, you often hear this comment: “Feels like I’m in a steam room.”

    Why Corporate Wellness Matters to Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

     / Hello MrSteam

    Often, a hiring manager at a large corporation, when asked about employee wellness benefits, will answer, “Well, we can’t all be Google.” It’s hard to reconcile such a dismissive response when you consider the realities of what corporate wellness programs can bring to an organization. If employees are given personalized choices and take advantage of them, these programs can boost productivity and morale, lower absentee rates due to illness, and save the company some serious money in the long-run. These benefits are ideal ways to both attract new employees as well as retain the ones already employed. This means more and more companies are considering innovative ways to enthuse and excite their employees.

    The Clean Beauty Revolution: The Truth Behind Beauty Products and Your Health

     / Hello MrSteam

    Emma Watson. Anne Hathaway. Gwyneth Paltrow. Jessica Alba. What do these celebrities have in common – aside from their successful acting careers? They are all in the forefront of the “clean beauty” movement, putting recognizable faces to a trend that is gaining considerable steam in the marketplace.

    Clean beauty is finally becoming mainstream. It can be difficult to fully comprehend what the term “clean beauty” actually means – because the marketing that cosmetics companies are permitted to use can be so misleading. Buzzwords on packaging, such as “organic,” “natural,” “pure,” “botanical” or “green” aren’t legally required to adhere to a specific definition, so they may not necessarily mean what consumers think they mean. And when you’re slathering the ingredients in these products onto your skin and in your hair, they may actually prove to be detrimental to your health.

    Healthy Living: Why Sleep Matters and 5 Ways Steam Can Help

     / Jim Schmaltz

    Lack of sleep can negatively impact your health in many ways. If you’re having trouble getting your 7-9 hours per night, it might be time you explore other options including steam.

    We are in the midst of a national sleep crisis. Our distracted, 24/7 lifestyles are keeping us from shutting down long enough to restore our bodies and minds through recuperative rest. Not only are we not performing at our best from lack of sleep, we’re risking our overall physical and mental wellness.

    Benefits and Approaches to Breathwork (And How Steam Therapy Can Enhance Your Practice)

     / Martha Orellana

    A recent round-up of 2018 health trends declared that breathwork is “an advanced alternative to meditation.” This statement got us wondering. Exactly what is breathwork, how does it help the mind and body, and—considering how steam bathing can improve the respiratory system—what role might steam therapy play if you practice this technique?

    According to Shape Magazine, “With a few techniques and a little know-how, [breathwork] can have some seriously impressive results. We're talking mood-enhancing, body-benefiting, and even career-boosting consequences.”

    What is it, then, exactly?

    The Steam Therapy Advantage — How Elite Athletes Get a Leg Up

     / Jim Schmaltz

    From exercise recovery to improved lung function, steam room sessions could help athletes train harder and perform better.

    Everybody’s looking for an edge. For athletes, it borders on obsession. Serious competitive athletes will make tremendous sacrifices to finish in the winner’s circle.

    This insatiable quest for athletic glory was the subject of interest for researcher Robert Goldman, MD, whose findings led to what’s called “Goldman’s dilemma.” In a survey, Goldman asked numerous elite athletes a hypothetical question: If you could take a drug that ensured you’d win every major competition, but it would kill you five years after you took it, would you still take the drug? More than half of athletes he asked said they would.

    Steam Rooms: The Surprising Anti-Aging Treatment

     / Martha Orellana

    How the Soothing Benefits of Heat Therapy Can Help You Feel and Look Younger Than Your Years

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