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    Selling Your Home? Unique Bathroom Improvements Increase Buyer Interest

     / Guest Post by Gary Ashton, Realtor

    You have a beautiful home. However, there are many other properties in the community with a similar layout, square footage and construction. What is a homeowner to do to get that second look from the ideal homebuyer looking for a luxurious home?

    Consider how to update and provide appealing features to the bathrooms in your home. New technology and high-quality materials make it easy to add attractive features to one of the most frequently used room of the house. Explore the bathroom improvements available to get the response you want from buyers.

    Creating a Fabulous and Safe Bathroom for All Ages

     / Hello MrSteam

    Are you renovating or creating a brand new bathroom? It’s an exciting prospect. But have you considered how this space can age with you? How you can welcome family and visitors, young and old, and make sure that they, too, can enjoy it safely? That's where safe bathroom design comes in.

    How To Build a Home Steam Shower: Professional Edition

     / Hello MrSteam

    Are you a home builder whose clients ask about home steam showers? We have just the resource that will fully explain how to build a home steam shower.

    Time to Remodel Your Bathroom? Include a Steam Shower in Your Plans

     / Hello MrSteam

    Are you one of the thousands of homeowners who are embarking on a bathroom remodeling plan? Perhaps you’ve discovered that your plans to downsize are not as economical as you thought they’d be, so you’re sitting tight now that the kids are on their own. Or that other homes in your neighborhood have undergone renovation, so your home will be worth more if you, too, consider some improvements. Or perhaps you simply love your current home and just want to enhance your quality of life.

    Painted Ladies Home in San Francisco Gets a Feel Good Steam Shower Upgrade

     / Hello MrSteam

    A house on one of the most iconic streets in America was remodeled for 21st century living, keeping the historic character while upgrading for modern amenities, including a beautiful steam shower spa bathroom. Here's the story of a Feel Good upgrade for a Painted Ladies home in San Francisco.

    Space-Efficient Steam Shower Ideal Luxury in Small Bathroom Renovation

     / Hello MrSteam

    When people think of steam showers, they often think of the large units that can be found in hotels, resorts or health clubs, rather than as an amenity that can be easily and affordably installed into any home, large or small. In this article, G&G Interior Design describes a small bathroom renovation where a space-efficient steam shower transforms the space into a feel good wellness retreat.

    Creating a Personal Spa in Your Home: Leslie Fine's Top Ten Features

     / Hello MrSteam

    MrSteam believes that everyone is entitled to a personal spa - that place in your home where you can retreat, recharge and relax. We asked Leslie Fine, president of Leslie Fine Interiors, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, to share a list of ten top features to incorporate in a bathroom remodel. The following advice from an award winning, full service residential interior design firm can transform any bath into a true personal spa retreat. 

    How To Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle For You and Your Home

     / Hello MrSteam

    If you're serious about embracing a healthy lifestyle - not to mention a few benefits of steam! - you'll want to surround yourself with healthy home inspiration. 

    Interior Designer Brings Benefits of Steam to New Spa Bathroom

     / Hello MrSteam

    Patti Johnson, an interior designer for the past 22 years, strives to make any home she designs a restful place. Johnson often uses steam therapy to achieve that objective. “A clean and cohesive design goes hand-in-hand with tranquility and relaxation,” she says.

    Specializing in whole-home interiors, Johnson says her design philosophy has evolved over time.

    How to Create a Full-Sensory Spa Experience at Home: Steam Room Design Tips

     / Hello MrSteam

    In search of bathroom bliss and the ultimate home sanctuary for escape and renewal? Consider creating a full-sensory spa experience in your home! This week Laurie Laizure, CEO of Customized Walls and founder of Interior Design Communitythe largest online community for design pros, shares advice and tips which you can easily apply to your bathroom as well as your steam room design.

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