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    Top Steam Shower Tips for Architects

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    Be the hero architect for your bathroom renovation clients. Recommend the luxury of their very own home steam shower.

    Think of all of the health benefits and relaxation associated with steam that your clients will enjoy. Today’s steam showers are easy and affordable to install as part of a full bathroom remodel and easy for your clients to maintain. When you let your clients know that yes, they can have a home steam shower, it will become one of the most exciting elements of their new bathroom!

    Here are some tips on how to bring steam home to your clients:

    Let’s Cover the Basics Associated with Specifying a Steam Shower

    MrSteam has plenty of resources to help you execute a seamless installation and incorporate steam into your beautiful bathroom design.

    >> See How to Build a Home Steam Shower: Professional Edition

    What size steam generator do you need?

    Some things you need to consider when installing steam for a client include: what size steam generator you should use, where it will be located, how much space do you have to work with and what surfacing material are you specifying for the shower.

    >> Use the MrSteam Vspa sizing tool 

    MrSteam has different steam generators, steam packages and steam shower controls so you can choose the right configuration to fit your client's’ lifestyle. You can learn more about the specifics of our residential steam showers.

    Follow these specific steam shower installation guidelines

    There are specific guidelines to follow in order to properly install a steam shower into a residential bathroom. The space needs to have the following features:

    • Water tight enclosure with gasketed door and floor drain
    • Angled ceiling to prevent condensation in steambath area
    • Ideal maximum height = 8 feet
    • Vapor sealed light fixtures
    • No heating, venting or air conditioning devices in steam room
    • Windows should be double-paned

    >> Read Best Practices for Using and Ventilating Your Steam Shower

    Steam shower construction materials matter

    The surfacing materials you use to create the steam shower are also important, and not just for aesthetics. Use tile, marble, granite, acrylic, fiberglass or solid surface composites to retain heat and ensure that your shower isn’t soaking up all your steam. Keep in mind that construction materials will affect the selection of steam generator.

    >> See Tile Steam Shower? Marble Steam Shower? What's the Difference?

    Where to place the steam generator?

    In addition to selecting the right steam generator for your clients’ needs, you as the architect also need to consider where to place the steam generator.

    Locate it as close as possible to the steam shower in a closet, vanity cabinet, heated attic or basement within 60 feet. It’s a good idea to store the generator in an easy-to-access place, so that it is accessible for routine maintenance or repair.

    >> See Steam Shower Installation Basics From MrSteam

    Don't Forget the Little SteamTherapy Things

    Once you’ve installed the steam shower with the proper generator, generator placement and materials, the fun is just beginning. Customize the experience for your clients with special features such as: 

    • AromaTherapy with essential oils like lavender to promote relaxation and wellness
    • AutoFlush, an automatic self-cleaning system that makes it super-easy for clients to maintain their steam show
    • Wall-mounted seat for the user’s comfort during their steam session

    >> Discover the Best Steam Shower Control Package for You

    Questions about installing a steam shower in your clients’ homes?

    MrSteam has tons of resources to help you learn the ins and outs of steam, including How To Videos, Technical Downloads and guides. Be sure to download our Steam Shower Kit for Architects for a handy checklist, pricebooks and guidelines to take you through the process.

    Your clients will thank you!

    Download the Steam Guide for Architects


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