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    Bringing the Fitness Studio Home—with MrSteam

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    How many times have you planned to get out to the gym, just to have life get in the way? You may be shocked to learn that Americans spent $19 billion on gym memberships this past year—and that 67% of people who are members of a gym never end up going. When you consider that the average cost of a gym membership is $58 per month, you might want to reconsider—especially if you find you’re part of that group that never walks through the gym’s front door.

    Steaming Up Down Under

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    Steam Bathing is Finally Getting its Moment in the Australian Sun

    Australia is known for many things—its unusual wildlife (some adorable, some deadly), its outgoing people, its extraordinary beaches, its cosmopolitan and pleasingly accessible cities, a lexicon of slang words inscrutable to English speakers from other parts of the world, and, of course, vegemite. (This is admittedly an incomplete list.) 

    MrSteam Tips to Avoid Technology Damage to Your Skin

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    Skin experts are starting to see cases where our technology – computers, cell phones, tablets, even our keyboards, headphones, and fitness trackers – are wreaking havoc with our skin. And these experts are predicting that the younger generation, the ones most strongly attached to these devices, will eventually suffer the most, experiencing premature aging and other skin issues at an earlier age.

    Steam Shower Remodeling FAQs, Questions from Professionals

     / Bart Gorelik, Remodeling Category Manager

    Barton Gorelik, MrSteam’s Remodeling Category Manager, aka Bart, is happy to respond to some of the most frequently asked questions about remodeling a home bathroom with a MrSteam steam shower. This article is another in a series of MrSteam Team blog posts, in which we bring you first-hand knowledge you can use as you integrate steam into your home or commercial venue – from initial design through installation, use and maintenance.

    Serenity Now! How Steam Rooms Can Help You Achieve Mindfulness

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    Here are the ways steam therapy can aid the mind-body connection

    Every day we learn more evidence about the connection of mental well-being to physical health. The two were never separated in other cultures, particularly Asian countries with Zen and Buddhist traditions, but the Western paradigm, especially Western medicine, has approached health and disease with a clear dichotomy between the mind and the physical body.

    Why Steam Rooms Should Be a Regular Part of Your Wellness Lifestyle

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    Heat Up the Wellness Revolution!

    Here’s why steam rooms should be a regular part of your wellness lifestyle.

    The wellness revolution is here to stay. Whether it’s based in mindfulness, sound nutrition, or other lifestyle choices, people these days are focused on building an overall wellness plan instead of working on specific targets like weight-loss and sleep quality.

    A Masterful Master Bath

     / Hello MrSteam

    When Martha Orellana, MrSteam’s VP of Marketing, tackled a renovation in her own home, thoughts of changing the master bath weren’t part of the initial plan.

    “Originally, we were just going to do the powder room,” she says. “But then it became a ‘while we’re at it…’ project” – ending up with Martha and her wife, Susan Rosenbluth, needing to move out of their home for three months to accommodate the significant construction being done. “In the end, every single surface in our home was touched,” she explains. “Had we planned on that, we would have said: ‘let’s just move everything out and put it in storage.’ That would have been the smart way to do it.”

    Steamtherapy Considers Aging in Place

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    Is your house your home? Are you planning to stay where you are as you age? Then you might want to start planning now to make sure you can Age in Place! If you’re in your 30s, 40s, maybe even in your 50s, you probably think you can just skip over this blog post. But don’t. No matter how old you may be, we really suggest that you read on.

    How To Install a Steam Generator: 3 Minute Video from MrSteam

     / Hello MrSteam

    If you're planning a home steam shower and are interested in learning what's involved, you'll find this MrSteam 3-minute video which describes how to install a steam generator worth watching. It's of particular value to steam shower professionals so feel free to share it with your licensed plumber/electrician. 

    MrSteam and the Smart Home

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    Connected to the world by devices we carry around in our pockets. That is the world many of us now live in. With our smart phones and tablets, we can hook into our homes through advanced automation systems and operate our home’s “intelligence” remotely. It’s definitely the age of the smart home!

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