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    A Home Steam Room: Straightforward to Install

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    You don’t need to visit a spa to enjoy the many health and beauty steam room benefits. You can enjoy steam therapy right at home, in less time and for less money than you might think.

    “Whether you’re building new or starting a bathroom remodel, adding a steam room is a comparatively straightforward installation,” says Brian Gallop, a sales consultant with Central Arizona Supply. “You just have to plan for it at the outset of a project.”

    Central Arizona Supply is a plumbing, showroom, commercial and heating and air supply family business started in Mesa, Arizona in 1968 and knows a thing or two about installing home steam rooms!

    If your bathroom remodel already includes plans to open the walls, it is easy to make room for Mr. Steam generators. Starting about the size of a briefcase, Mr. Steam generators fit neatly inside a closet, under a bench or in a vanity. They can be positioned up to 60 feet from the steam shower enclosure itself, even on another floor.

    In addition, this “intelligent” steam generator serves as an easily expandable operating platform to readily and easily add more spa features to your steam shower. Plug-and-play Mr. Steam accessories --ChromaSteam, AromaSteam and MusicTherapy® -- add mood lighting and aromatic oils and music to your steam experience.

    The last steps involve properly finishing the ceiling and installing a steam shower door. That's when you've transformed your new bath into a personal home spa — an “instant upgrade of your bathroom and your home,” notes Gallop, “without much additional construction expense.”

    Bahman Nieto of Snyder Diamond in Santa Monica, Calif., believes steam room benefits are perfect for active, healthy adults looking to stay that way.

    “For clients who see steam as a luxury and not a necessity, I emphasize how steam makes me feel after a workout: calmer, stress-free and breathing so much better. Even my skin feels reinvigorated. Everyone can relate to the need to boost health and reduce stress in our lives. What’s that worth to you and your loved ones?”

    Snyder Diamond has showrooms located in Santa Monica, Pasadena and North Hollywood, California which feature the very latest styles in decorative plumbing, fine hardware, and built-in appliances. It integrates seamlessly with architects, designers, building contractors, and plumbers. Consequently, installing a home steam room whether in new construction or a remodel is straightforward.  

    Are you considering a home steam shower? Let us know how to help.

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