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    Benefits and Approaches to Breathwork (And How Steam Therapy Can Enhance Your Practice)

     / Martha Orellana

    A recent round-up of 2018 health trends declared that breathwork is “an advanced alternative to meditation.” This statement got us wondering. Exactly what is breathwork, how does it help the mind and body, and—considering how steam bathing can improve the respiratory system—what role might steam therapy play if you practice this technique?

    According to Shape Magazine, “With a few techniques and a little know-how, [breathwork] can have some seriously impressive results. We're talking mood-enhancing, body-benefiting, and even career-boosting consequences.”

    What is it, then, exactly?

    80 Go Green Tips with MrSteam (Part 2)

     / Martha Orellana

    Last week, we shared 29 tips about conserving energy and water, with MrSteam as part of the equation. This week, we add 51 more for a grand total of 80 tips, as we focus on how to reuse/reduce/recycle, transportation, chemicals, and ways to educate about and represent for the environment.

    80 Go Green Tips with MrSteam (Part 1)

     / Martha Orellana

    We know, you’re doing your best to help preserve the planet—putting out that recycling bin every week or so. But there’s so much more we all can do. In this two-part series, MrSteam offers 80 tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint for the good of future generations. And bonus—many of them save you money, too!

    Put Down That Sledgehammer! Remodeling Your Bathroom Takes Planning (Part 2)

     / Martha Orellana

    So, you’re still thinking of remodeling your bathroom... There might be any number of reasons you’ve finally decided to take the plunge but as we shared last week in Put Down That Sledgehammer! Remodeling Your Bathroom Takes Planning (Part 1) you will want to put some serious planning in before you get started. 

    So what additional pearls of wisdom—or words of warning—does Bart have for the first-time renovator?

    Consider the Space You’re Working In, and Your Contractor’s Expertise

    Steam showers have a small footprint and consume very little water—two gallons per 20-minute steam session, on average—so you won’t encounter what Bart calls “the cascade of renovations.”

    For example, “A homeowner might install a 60 gallon spa tub with jets, and then be obliged to replace their 40 gallon water heater with a larger one. But maybe the larger water heater requires additional venting, or more amps on the circuit, or has too large a footprint for the space available. Also, you might find it necessary to shore up the floor of the bathroom—60 gallons of water weighs a lot, plus the weight of the tub, plus the weight of the human being in the tub.”

    Put Down That Sledgehammer! Remodeling Your Bathroom Takes Planning (Part 1)

     / Martha Orellana

    So, you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom. There might be any number of reasons you’ve finally decided to take the plunge: Your clawfoot tub is suffering from carpal tunnel. The cracks in your tile wall have started to resemble an evil bunny. That faux-fur leopard print toilet cover was concealing a multitude of sins. You’re simply too vain for that ugly vanity. 

    Or maybe your decision is about more than aesthetics. Perhaps you’ve got an aging relative coming to live with you (or you, yourself, are an aging relative) and you’re seeing the advantages of a step-in shower. Or you want your bathroom to be ADA compliant. Or maybe you’re finally tackling that persistent plumbing problem head-on, and you might as well give the bathroom a facelift while everything’s torn up. These are all valid reasons. 

    Steam Rooms: The Surprising Anti-Aging Treatment

     / Martha Orellana

    How the Soothing Benefits of Heat Therapy Can Help You Feel and Look Younger Than Your Years

    Health-Driven Design for All the Senses

     / Martha Orellana

    Martha Orellana, MrSteam’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is often fondly referred to as “Mrs. Steam.” In this article, Martha discusses designing your bathroom as a haven of wellness. It is the second in a series of MrSteam Team blog posts, in which we bring you first-hand knowledge you can use as you integrate steam into your home or commercial venue – from initial design through installation, use and maintenance.

    Mr. Steam Sponsors Modenus BlogTour to London Design Festival

     / Martha Orellana

    Design matters. Particularly for beautiful bathrooms. That's what we've discovered based on the relationships Mr. Steam has built with designers and showrooms focused on in-home steam rooms and spa systems. When the opportunity to sponsor the Modenus BlogTour to the London Design Festival came up, not only did we embrace it, but we also participated. Mrs. Steam [aka Martha Orellana] was there every step of the way!

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