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A lifestyle blog with fun healthy living tips and beautiful bathroom inspirations, brought to you by Mr. Steam, makers of the finest steam showers and towel warmers.

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What do Builders Need to Know About Steam Shower Installations?

Steambath system installation guidelines builders (350x325)

With bathroom installations trending larger, more luxurious and more spa-like, builders need to be aware of tips, best practices and the resources available for successfully installing steam showers.

Mr.Steam recently participated in an interview with bathroom professionals on this very subject. The highlights we share below capture advice that builders and construction professionals should consider when specifying and installing home steam showers. 

Create a Dream Steam Shower with Mr.Steam's Updated Virtual Spa

Build your dream steam shower with the Virtual Spa from Mr.Steam

Are you dreaming of steam? Planning for a home steam shower is literally a dream when using the Virtual Spa from Mr.Steam

The Virtual Spa is particularly helpful if selecting a steam shower seems daunting. It's an intuitive online tool that vastly simplifies steam generator sizing and offers details on specifications and pricing with just a few clicks of your mouse. The Virtual Spa from Mr.Steam is easy to navigate and use.

Celebrating Made in America With the Great American Tweet Up

Celebrating steam generators made in the usa

July 4th - Independence Day in the United States - brings to mind thoughts about the country and the meaning of Made in America. It has also inspired a Great American Tweet Up on Thursday, July 3rd at 2pm EST. We hope you'll join us!

Mr.Steam and Made in America

Mr.Steam takes the notion of 'Made in the USA" pretty seriously. After all, we've been manufacturing steam equipment in New York City since 1917 (see Mr. Steam: Relishing the Land of Opportunity for July 4th!). That's a respectable period of time!

How To Install a Steam Generator with iSteam Control

How to install steam generator iSteam control (350x201)

If you are looking for instructions on how to install a steam generator, Mr.Steam has two videos for you to choose from. Each is 3 min. in length. One focuses on installing a steam generator with the iTempo Control. The other - which we describe here - is about how to install a steam generator with the iSteam Control.

This video is of particular value to steam shower professionals so feel free to share it with your licensed plumber/electrician! 

Top 10 Mr.Steam Articles of 2013

MrSteam towel warmer steam shower generator (350x338)

With the end of 2013 in sight, we thought we'd share with you the top 10 Mr.Steam articles of the year. It gives you a feel for what we've been creating steam over...

We've grouped these articles into like categories - steam shower, steam generator, steam therapy, bathroom design and towel warmers - and included a snippet from each.

Starting with the Steam Shower category:

1. 15 Tips to Consider Before Installing a Steam Shower

How to Prevent Steam Generator Noise

eSeries steam generator (250x141)

We recently received a comment from a reader complaining about loud steam generator noise. After several exchanges, customer service determined that the specific steam generator creating the noise was not a Mr.Steam generator, but because this concern is a common one, it seemed like a good topic to address on this blog.

What are normal steam generator noises?

Let’s begin by identifying the normal sounds created by a steam shower generator.

10 Tips for Planning Your Dream (Steam) Bathroom from Kenny & Company


Planning your dream bath? How exciting! At the same time, we know there are so many decisions to make, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Where to begin?

For advice, Mr. Steam reached out to bath (steam) expert Cara Highfield at Kenny & Co., Nashville, TN. who shared ten great points she likes to raise for discussion with her clients.

Cara has plenty of experience helping homeowners personalize their bathrooms at the spectacular Nashville bath and tile boutique that has local architects and designers buzzing. 

How To Install a Steam Generator: 3 Min. Video from Mr.Steam

how to install steam generator (250x170)

Mr.Steam has released a 3 min. video which describes how to install a steam generator. If you're planning a home steam shower and are interested in learning what's involved, you'll find the video worth watching. It's of particular value to steam shower professionals so feel free to share it with your licensed plumber/electrician! 

Home Steam Showers 101

Home steam shower

Perhaps this summer you got away to a delightful resort or spa where you enjoyed the incredible relaxation of a steam shower. Now that it's back-to-school time, you may be wishing you could have that same wonderful experience at home every day.

Wittock Kitchen and Bath: Steam Showers Clean and Moisturize

Wittock Kitchen Bath Supply (250x127)

Steam showers are hugely increasing in popularity because people are becoming more educated about the chemicals they put on and in their body,” says Megan Wendt, a bath expert at Wittock Kitchen and Bath in Michigan. “They are realizing that steam cleans and moisturizes the skin, and opens up the sinuses all without chemicals.” 

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